Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

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Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, making knowing about them before they happen vital to remaining competitive in digital demand generation. Most B2B marketers know that marketing automation is a “must-have” tool. However, in 2016 the focus will shift toward implementing effective marketing automation strategy. Content was also a big marketing focus during 2015 and while that’s still the case, technology is changing the way people consume online content. In addition to blog posts, there will be a rise in video advertising and personalized content.

Marketing automation tools can be incredibly valuable when used effectively. However, 52% of marketers identify “lack of effective strategy” as their primary barrier to marketing automation success. In order to reap the benefits of these tools, companies will need to identify whether they can implement successful strategy on their own, or look into outsourcing their marketing automation needs.

With 59% of senior executives preferring to watch video over reading text, it is easy to see why video marketing is expected to increase in 2016.

Personalization tactics will be used to make consumers feel that content was created specifically for them, resulting in the ultimate user experience, and most importantly, more conversions.

Aside from focusing on a variety of content, the shift toward mobile technology isn’t going to stop. Services such as website apps, video streaming and mobile payments have consumers using their mobile phones more than desktop computers. Because of the use of multiple devices, the buyer’s journey has gotten more complex than ever before. This makes it imperative for B2B marketers to find an effective way to reach their target audience through mobile to ensure a seamless experience across all devices.

To learn more about what to expect during the rest of this year and into the next, check out our infographic below on upcoming digital demand generation trends.

What digital marketing trends are you most excited about in 2016? Give us a tweet @televerde or leave a comment below! Want to hear from one of our experts on how our demand generation solutions can drive revenue for your business? Contact us today. 

digital demand generation trends infographic

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