Sneak Preview: Insights from SiriusDecisions case study presenter, Peter Bell, EMEA Head of Marketing, Marketo

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One of the most interesting sessions of the SiriusDecisions events are the sponsor case studies. Part of the reason is that I have a little skin in the game – I help our clients prepare their case study presentations for us. But I also love getting that sliver of insight into how other companies solve their marketing and sales challenges.

As a platinum sponsor, we are presenting with Marketo (oh, to be a fly on the wall at Marketo during these exciting times!) about How Marketo and Televerde Created a Global, Scalable Demand Generation EngineWe launched a three-year global agreement a few months ago and have worked together to lay the groundwork for a successful partnership.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter Bell, Marketo’s head of marketing for EMEA, to develop the presentation. As I learned more about Peter’s background, I asked if he would be willing to share some of his thoughts as an introduction to our presentation next week.

How Marketo and Televerde Created a Global, Scalable Demand Gen Engine - Peter BellWhat are the biggest challenges that your customers are seeing today?

Bringing together the various digital channels to create a unified view of customer engagement requires that internal silos are broken down. That is often easier said than done. And yet it is so important as activity in one channel should and needs to influence how you engage a customer in another channel, otherwise, you frustrate your customers with illogical and disconnected experiences.

Besides the Adobe acquisition of Marketo, what marketing trends are most exciting to you?

Analytics still have a long way to go and as a data geek, it is close to my heart. The old adage remains true – lots of data, very little insight. Even getting agreement on core metrics can be hard with everyone coming to the table with their version of the ‘truth’ at times. Yet there is so much knowledge to be gleaned and then applied to deliver a better customer experience. And it can be done – we all, as consumers, have examples of companies we interact with who do this well. Hence why I love Bizible.

What is an undervalued department that you rely on for success at Marketo?

Marketing Operations. It’s less they are undervalued and more that we all need to remind ourselves of the amount we rely upon their expertise and cool heads.

What are the biggest differences between doing business in Europe vs North America?

Data laws and attitudes towards privacy. To a European, the US is still the ‘wild west’ when it comes to data. This is changing. The Cambridge Analytica news cycle broke into the public consciousness in a way other news cycles hadn’t, and with the California Consumer Privacy Act on the horizon, things are clearly changing. Any company, regardless of location, needs to view first-party data as a strategic asset – to be nurtured and protected.

[bctt tweet=”‘Any company, regardless of location, needs to view first-party data as a strategic asset – to be nurtured and protected’. -@peterbel” username=”televerde“]

What technology (besides Marketo, Bizible, or Adobe) can you not live without?

Snagit. A picture paints a thousand words. I pay for it personally and use it almost every day to communicate a point.

GDPR – overhyped or overlooked?

Both. I’m concerned a lot of people appear to regard it as ‘done’. Instead, we need to regard it as a way of life, put simply – we’re being held to higher standards. They need to be reflected in day-to-day operating procedures that are documented and a part of doing business whenever personal data is being handled.

If you’re headed to the SiriusDecisions Summit Europe next week, be sure to come to the Televerde case study featuring Marketo. Join Peter and Michelle Cirocco, Head of Global Marketing at Televerde, to learn about how Televerde and Marketo built a global demand generation partnership that delivers results.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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