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Well, we did it. We made it through our first SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit. The high point (and I may be a little biased) was my presentation with Joy King from Micro Focus Vertica, where we talked about our growing partnership that’s enabling their business to maintain revenue during this tough time and help them plan for recovery (more on this in a moment!).

Benefits of going virtual

First of all, can I just say how nice it is to go to an event and sleep in my own bed at night? I don’t know about you – but I don’t exactly miss the layovers, TSA security checkpoints, eerie public restrooms, or delayed flights surrounding in-person events.

Aside from the above, the other cool thing about virtual events is you can prioritize your time and attend more presentations because you’re not tied to an agenda.

For example, if you have two presentations happening at the same time, you can watch one of them on-demand so you don’t miss anything important.

Also, physical events are usually only open during set hours (e.g. 8-5). But with virtual events, you have the flexibility to watch on-demand replays when you’re done giving the dog a bath or feeding the kiddos, or when you just can’t fall asleep at night.

From a sponsor standpoint, it was also nice knowing that everyone who visited our booth had a genuine interest, and they weren’t just there for the free sunglasses or other promotional goodies.

Is networking still a thing?

One of the best parts about attending events is the networking – and the SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit was no different! I found lots of ways to connect: virtual happy hours, conference hashtags, live chats, and slack channels just to name a few.

With virtual events, just because attendees can’t shake hands doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity to network. Our team was able to facilitate networking through video calls, group chats, and appointments.

It’s (still) all about relationships

The best sales people know that the key to success is to focus on building relationships. One of the best opportunities I gathered from this event started with an old friend who has known Televerde for years.

We caught up in our virtual booth and had a personable conversation that turned into a 1:1 and is now a sizeable opportunity. This is just one example of how taking the time to build connections turns into revenue.

You might think that virtual events don’t provide an opportunity for engagement – but they do. If you play your cards right, you’ll leave the event with stronger relationships and more meaningful connections.

Our time in the spotlight with Micro Focus

On day two of the Summit, I had the opportunity to take the virtual stage with Joy King from Micro Focus Vertica. Let me just say that we were extremely fortunate to present alongside Joy, as she is an influential thought leader who is super visible in the B2B community.

In this time when so many people are tightening their belts, Micro Focus Vertica is emerging as a front runner. They are the epitome of thinking forward instead of being overly-cautious. They are all in – and not afraid to invest in order to get the returns they need.

Our presentation shed insight on why Micro Focus expanded their sales and marketing partnership with us in such an uncertain time.

Here’s a quick summary:

Hi-tech companies like Micro Focus Vertica are experts in what they do. Because of the complexity of IT systems and computer programming, tech companies rely on a staff of highly-skilled, educated professionals.

We learned that tech giants like Micro Focus Vertica rely on Televerde for a similar level of sales and marketing expertise. In just the first four months, we helped Micro Focus Vertica generate 100 new opportunities and increase their pipeline by 80%. (View the case study to see how.) Since that time, our partnership has expanded, and that expansion was the focus of our presentation.

Look, when you have a mostly incarcerated workforce as Televerde does, there is bound to be preconceived notions and stigmas coming into the partnership about how good our team can be. Campaign after campaign, we dispel every myth!

Our team learned Micro Focus’s complex portfolio quickly (we’re talking about a one-month ramp time) and Micro Focus has been able to attribute substantial ROI to their marketing investments because of our integrations.

Our secret sauce

If you’re wondering how Televerde agents were able to ramp so quickly, it’s because their drive and determination is based on the type of motivation that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Anyone can get a bonus check or trip to Vegas, but when your success is tied to living a better future for yourself and your families – magic can and will happen.

Timing is critical. And Micro Focus doubled down on us – right now – for a reason. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself here.

On to the next (virtual event, that is)!

Look, I’m not saying everything is sunshine and rainbows, moving from in-person to virtual events definitely has its challenges. But while the circumstances forcing events online may be temporary, the trend of digital events likely isn’t – so let’s do what we can to embrace this new normal and dive head-first into virtual event season 2020.

Ready for next virtual event? Catch us at the (free & virtual) Content Marketing Institute Demand Gen Summit. We’ll present alongside Salesforce’s Mathew Sweezey to show you how top B2B organizations are breaking through via context marketing (and how you can, too!).




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