Tools for Social Media Automation that Maintain Your Brand Personality

Having an engaging social media presence is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy.

Success on social media can generate new leads and give your business a boost. However, it can sometimes feel like an expensive, time-consuming process.

One way to boost your social media presence and still show off your brand personality is with social media automation. An automated social media process can help your business stay on target while still giving you the data and engagement you need.

There are a variety of digital social media tools available that can improve your company’s online persona and turn more leads into sales.

Automated Social Media Can Maximize Your Online Presence

With the right tools, you can focus your time on growing your business instead of curating content for social media. Automating your social media ensures you are posting the right content at the right time to reach your audience.

Automation also cuts down on the slow content curation process. An automated system can recommend social media topics, so you spend more time focused on your customers. Here are 5 popular tools for social media automation.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot helps you monitor your content across all social media platforms. You can choose to manually publish content to your chosen social media sites, or you can use the scheduling feature. When you connect your blog to your social accounts, any new blog posts can be automatically shared with your followers.

HubSpot can also give you tips on the ideal posting times to help you enhance your social media strategy.

2. Hootsuite Scheduler

Hootsuite is another popular automation tool. The scheduling option lets you create up to 350 future social media posts. You can select the specific date and time you want each post to go live. You can always edit the schedule or the content if you need changes made.

3. Tailwind

The social media scheduling tool from Tailwind focuses specifically on Pinterest and Instagram. You can upload a Pin that you want to post on Pinterest and it can automatically publish it on multiple boards. It can also optimize the Pin to publish when your targeted audience is most likely to see it.

For Instagram, Tailwind works in a similar way. You can upload videos or images that will automatically post to your business profile at targeted times.

4. SEMrush

While SEMrush is most known for its SEO marketing tools, there is also a Social Media Toolkit available. This toolkit offers analytics, tracking, and scheduling and includes a Social Media Poster, Social Media Tracker, and Brand Monitoring.

These tools automate many labor-intensive processes while giving back valuable data, such as information on your competition and engagement statistics.

4. Missinglettr

Missinglettr uses AI to transform your blogs into social media posts and campaigns. It continuously monitors your blog for new posts. When something is published, it will automatically create a new social campaign using quotes, images, and other content from the blog. You are then invited to review and edit the campaign before it is published. A standard campaign lasts 12 months. However, you can adjust the timing to fit your needs.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Automating Social Media

Automating certain aspects of your social media presence can encourage lead generation and sales growth. However, there are a few pitfalls your company should avoid.

  • Posting the same content on each network: Posting the same message to every social media platform may save you time, however, it will cost your company credibility. Each platform has a unique audience. Taking the time to craft a distinctive message for each app will enhance results. This can be done simply by adjusting hashtags and modifying vocabulary.
  • Not monitoring your content: Social media automation tools use advanced technology, but they can never match the keen judgment of human eyes. Without monitoring your automated posts, you may inadvertently post a mistake or content that is no longer relevant. Take, for example, this tweet from McDonald’s:

The company was able to creatively turn this mistake into a branding opportunity.

  • Relying on bots to automate comments: While automated chatbots can be helpful, you should not rely on them exclusively to interact with your customers. Authentic conversations will help build stronger relationships between your company and your customers.

By avoiding these automated social media dangers, your company can maintain a strong, credible social media presence.

Follow These Social Media Imperatives When Running Automation

Automating some of your social media processes can help keep your company focused on customers. To do this most effectively, ensure your company is following these key social media rules:

  • Pay attention to social trends: Social media is a major driving force in much of today’s world. News and trends spread quickly. Instead of monitoring each social network individually, you can let your automation do this work for you. It can track responses and alert you to new trends so you can continue to master your social media status.
  • Offer constant customer support on social media: Your customers want to engage with your brand on their time. Make it easy for them with 24/7 customer support, particularly through a messaging service. In fact, 64% of people prefer to communicate with a business through messaging than through a phone call. You can respond to these messages with a combination of automated bots and customer service agents.
  • Know your audience’s schedule: The main goals of your social media content should be to generate new leads and to stay engaged with your customers. The best way to do this is to post your content when they are online. An automated social media tool can do this for you.

With these social media priorities in mind, you can streamline your automation methods.

Enhance Your Social Media Engagement with an Automated Strategy

By incorporating these tools and strategies into a cohesive marketing approach, your brand can maintain its voice and stay in touch with the right customers. Well-timed social media posts can potentially keep your audience engaged long enough to turn leads into sales.

If your business is struggling to connect with your potential customers on social media, Televerde can help. We offer innovative business resources and marketing solutions to help you grow and succeed in your targeted markets.

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