8 Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Team

Imagine working in the most challenging environment. What do you see? I happen to work in a place some would describe as more than challenging: behind the walls of a prison. I’m employed by Televerde, a B2B sales and marketing company that employs currently and formerly incarcerated women in Goodyear, Arizona and Rockville, Indiana. Despite the unconventional location of my office – The Arizona Department of Corrections – my colleagues and I take great pride in working as a team to generate revenue and build relationships with our clients.

Being a top-performing agent does not come easily, and it doesn’t come from doing it on our own. Everyday we wake up, walk to work, and start our day with coffee. Sounds like a typical morning for anyone in the corporate world, but as we work throughout the day, we face more challenges than your average corporate professional. From emergency lock-downs to radios buzzing loudly in the background, to strict security regulations, it can be an overwhelming atmosphere. Despite this, we manage to exceed expectations, not by ourselves but as a team.

Your company can get there, too. Here are eight characteristics that we pride ourselves on:

1. Embrace the change that goes on around you with an open mind.
At Televerde we have no choice but to accept the change that occurs in our Call Centers and within our units. Change is constant, so when it happens we’ve learned to surf the waves instead of letting the current take us under.

2. Trust each other.
Working in a culture of diversity, we all have different beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. Some might find it hard to relate, but we’ve learned to be more than co-workers, we are allies. We have the same goal in mind: to break the stigma of those currently and formerly incarcerated. We trust each other to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

3. Engage by sharing thoughts and ideas.
Televerde allows our voices to be heard loud and clear. We’re not afraid to express our thoughts and feelings with our Executive Management team. We know that everyone’s voice matters, regardless of titles.

4. Help your colleagues succeed.
Being part of Televerde is an honor and we all want one another to succeed and expand our skill sets. We have mentors to onboard new hire classes. The women in orange ensure our new hires are comfortable and ready to deliver for our clients. For our tenured agents, we act as stepping stones to ensure their success when they want to step out of their comfort zone and advance to a new position. Mentoring is a two-way street, and we’ve found both parties end of thriving. In fact, according to a study by Millennium Group International, 95% of mentees reported that participating in a mentoring program motivated them to perform at an even higher rate.

5. Love your job and genuinely care for your clients.
You have to love what you do in work and in life. When you don’t, misery can quickly take control. At Televerde, our clients are supportive and involved. Each of us is an extension of the client we support. They value our opinions and count on us to help grow their company, which is why we take pride in the work we do for each client. We enjoy coming to work every day.

6. Remember that you are one team.
We take the word “team” seriously around here. It doesn’t matter whose team we are on or which department we work under. When it’s all said and done everyone comes together to ensure each other’s success. When one of us wins, we all win.

7. Eliminate envy.
The women in our call centers take pride in the work they do for their clients, but we’re human, and there are times when another’s person success can stir up feelings of envy. We combat this with motivating one another. We have what we call a daily hype, and we use that time to give shout outs for the remarkable work that the women do and have achieved on their campaigns or in their position. We’ve learned that blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make our own brighter, but collectively, our lights shine even more.

8. Share ways to succeed instead of keeping them for yourself.
We’re open about sharing our secret ways to success. We post ways to be a better caller, how to master emails, and even give advice on strategizing how to become a top producer. Everyone has a part and place within Televerde and we can all learn from each other.

Great work relationships take well…work! At Televerde, we know nurturing and building strong relationships with our colleagues are key to happy work environment and results for our clients. Try implementing some of our tips today and watch the vibe at your own work place transform and thrive.

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