AI Has Its Place – And It’s Not Going To Replace Your Contact Center Rep

If you’re like most of us, you were introduced to the idea of Artificial Intelligence – or AI for short – by the power of movie magic. But, over the past 18 – 24 months, AI has leapt off of the television and movie screens and into our local news, the jobs report and the general lexicon for a lot of us.

Rumors of jobs being lost to robots and machines that can perform them more efficiently and for less cost have made their way into a world into which Televerde operates: the contact center.

As a company that operates sales and marketing services programs for clients on a global scale, we know first-hand that potential exists for AI to help transform a contact center into a more efficient, better-performing customer experience.  But, AI won’t be at the expense of the people that we know make our user experiences outstanding.

What we’ve understood for more than 20 years is that a lead doesn’t turn into a sale without a skilled human guiding the discussion, identifying needs and figuring out solutions to complex challenges. So, we don’t see that AI is going to take over for the qualified customer service agent or inside sales person anytime soon. What we do see is opportunity for automation to:

  • Use chat bots to answer simple customer questions, freeing a customer service agent to focus on more challenging customer needs;
  • Predict customer behavior on the phone, to provide recommendations to the customer service agents on how best to deal with a customers’ issue;
  • Improve customer service via virtual assistants that listen to a live call and use natural language processing to pull out key, useful information.

I recently wrote an article on this topic for a European publication called VanillaPlus. Take a look at the article and share your feedback. Do you agree that AI in the contact center can improve the customer experience while working in tandem with customer service reps? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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