Avaya CMO – “Televerde Walks the Corporate Social Responsibility Walk”

Here at Televerde, we’re proud and passionate that we are a truly purpose-driven company. We believe in the power of businesses to help solve social problems, which is why Televerde has worked with Arizona Correctional Industries for more than 20 years.

We have 5 correctional facility contact centers with 4 located just outside of Phoenix in the Arizona State Prison complex in Perryville and one at the Indiana State Correctional Facility in Rockville.  We’ve proven that this staffing model delivers the highest quality experience and the best results in the demand generation industry.

We’re honored to have the chance to work alongside this group of dedicated, smart and hard-working women.

We often take customers to visit our contact centers so they can meet the managers and agents working on their campaigns. Morag Lucey, Chief Marketing Officer of Avaya, recently visited and was so inspired by her visit that she wrote on the Avaya blog.

We wanted to share this post with you because Morag perfectly captured what we see every time we meet with or speak to one of the women at Perryville, “…this group of women had profound ideas about business, social responsibility and female empowerment. … [Televerde’s] unique rehabilitation and education model allows us to see ourselves in these women….they are hard-working, forward-thinking individuals who simply arrive at work in a different uniform than you and I do.”

Thanks for visiting Perryville, Morag, and for sharing your insight with the Avaya community.

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