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Aligning account-based marketing (ABM) to account-based selling (ABS) is the ultimate link to ensure you have plenty of deals in the pipeline poised to close.

Effective ABM execution is no accident. You need the right plan in place to reach your goals. While ABM is not a new concept, account-based selling is a newer notion to complement and support the progressive activities of the sales process.

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“Televerde helped us create a strategic sales and marketing plan, and their lead quality exceeded my expectation. I hear from Inside Sales that the leads are much stronger and more qualified. I attribute this to the unbelievable energy of the Televerde reps.” – Mark Craven, VP Sales, Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure Closes $19M in Revenue with Televerde Partnership

Televerde and Pulse Secure have built a strong relationship over the years. Televerde has helped Pulse deliver $55 million in the sales revenue pipeline, $19 million in deals won and closed, with an SQL conversion rate of 70%.  We’re thrilled to share this video that shows a bit more about our relationship with Pulse.

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