Johnny Cupcakes, Brené Brown, + More from SiriusDecisions Summit

I just wrapped up the 2020 Forrester | SiriusDecisions virtual Summit, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to flex my sales & marketing muscles!

I spent most of the time chatting it up at the Televerde booth, but I did make some time for networking, keynotes, 1:1s, and other virtual shenanigans.

My head is pounding from information overload, and I just need to get all this out before I forget half (or most) of it – so without further ado, here are my top 3 takeaways from this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit:

Takeaway 1: Whether in B2B or B2C, we’re all in the business of people.

First, let’s talk about Johnny Cupcakes. I found him to be tremendously inspiring… and I can totally see why people stand in line for hours just to get inside his so-called “T-shirt Bakery.”

Not familiar with Johnny Cupcakes? You really should be. He is one of the most creative, innovative, and outright weirdest marketers of all time. He is known for selling t-shirts out of hearses on Halloween (which just happened to earn him 100k in free press), selling breakfast-themed t-shirts you can only buy before 11AM (similar to a well-known fast food franchise famous for their happy meals), and absolutely KILLING the customer experience game.

The fact that his not-even-close-to-traditional marketing antics are so appealing to the “buttoned-up” audience at the SiriusDecisions Summit is evidence that we all need to be more human in our marketing efforts. We need to strive to create a memorable, unique experience for prospects and customers. As it has for Mr. Cupcakes himself, authenticity will win us admiration and brand advocates who will help our revenue numbers soar.

B2B marketers: Don’t be afraid to take risks! Strive to be empathetic, relatable, and unmistakably human. Creativity is key, so let your marketing-freak-flag fly! At the end of the day, people have so many options, so why should they do business with you? For Johnny Cupcakes, it’s all about creating a unique customer experience. He inspires others by simply being himself, and he reaps massive rewards from his genuineness and authenticity.


Takeaway 2: The key to effective leadership is empathy.

Brené Brown is a well-known shame researcher, author of New York Times best seller Dare to Lead, and… just an outstanding human being. She shared some much-needed insights into how good leaders can adjust to change – to help leaders stay engaged and increase employee engagement in these uncertain times.

One example she shared was how lot of people get nervous in the face of major organizational changes (like we’re all dealing with right now), and instead of embracing the changes, they fight back, worried about losing their jobs. Then, because of their resistance, they end up losing their job anyways.

One of my favorite quotes from her keynote was, “As humans we perceive ourselves as thinking or analytical beings that are occasionally emotional, when in reality we are emotional beings who on occasion think.”

She shared how “To be an effective leader, you have to find a way to care about each person who reports to you.” Check out her book, Dare to Lead, and her four aspects of courage to learn more life-altering leadership insights.

Takeaway 3 – No solution set is too complex for Televerde!

This year, our very own Alicia Rasta had the opportunity to take the virtual stage with Micro Focus Vertica’s Joy King, and my mind was blown with the KPIs and Metrics they were able to achieve (even in the current economic climate). To anyone who thinks they can’t partner with a company like us because their solution set is too complex, I challenge you to watch this case study and tell me you still think that way.

Against all preconceived expectations and what was once thought of as better judgement, the Televerde team was able to learn their complex portfolio quickly, and Micro Focus has been able to attribute substantial ROI to their marketing investments because of our integrations.

Timing is critical. And Micro Focus doubled down on us – right now – for a reason. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself here (on demand version of the presentation coming soon).


So. Much. Information. I’m still mentally sifting through it all, so while these are the top three I can think of right now, be on the lookout for more tips, tactics, and takeaways to come!


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