25 Hours in the Day? Nope. Just a More Efficient B2B Marketing Team

Boost your B2B marketing team’s productivity so they are more efficient and focused; essentially doing more with the same amount of time.

What would you do with an extra hour in the day? How often have I’ve wished for that. Whether to get through a heavy workload, enjoy that extra time with family or friends or just get an extra hour of shut-eye, there always seems to be a bit more I want to do than time allows.The same can be said for most B2B marketing teams. Technology provides us, marketers, more data and insights than ever before. If only we had more time in the day to make sense of and apply them!

While I can’t give you extra hours in the day, I have figured out how to boost your team’s productivity so they are more efficient and focused; essentially doing more with the same amount of time.

It all starts with volume. Our teams know a lot of tips and tricks for what to do once we’ve acquired a lead. But aiming to amp up post-acquisition programs out of the gate might be putting the cart before the horse. Before we can decide how to launch a creative campaign or drive conversions, we have to think first about volume. Yup – if we can increase the volume of leads strategically so we bring in a higher number of quality leads, our teams can achieve bigger results (profits) without asking for more resources (staff or budget).

If you’re a B2B marketing pro, you know Convince & Convert. Not only has Jay Baer built a highly respected digital marketing advisory, but he and his team created a blog that’s known for fresh ideas, great content and tangible how-to’s. I was really pleased when the folks at Convince & Convert asked me to write a blog about how to help B2B marketing teams become more efficient, use their time more strategically and, ultimately gain a higher close rate because of a pipeline flowing with quality leads.

I’d love for you to read the Convince & Convert blog  and send me some your feedback. I focused on the five steps that I know to work for my teams. Do you have more? Less? Where do you put your time and energy in helping your team be successful?

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