Content Marketing is The Future

The rules for marketing success are being rewritten at this very moment. With easy access to information today – thanks to the internet and social media – consumers can cherry-pick which brands they support. Because of this, it’s time for companies to rethink traditional marketing tactics.

Content marketing is taking the lead in effective marketing approaches. Almost 40% of marketers feel content marketing is very important to their marketing efforts. It focuses on providing meaningful, relevant, and consistent content to build a defined audience and yield profitable results.

Content marketing is helping companies find traction with the audiences they want to reach most. The question is, are marketers ready?

Are Marketers Prepared for Content?

Many marketers are not ready for the shift in today’s marketing techniques. A Gartner study revealed that 68% of chief marketing officers (CMO) are new to their senior-level role. On average, these CMOs have held their position for less than four years and only experienced an unprecedented bull market where marketing strategies weren’t crisis-tested. Therefore, they may be unfamiliar with developing a strategy for content marketing because other approaches were successful at the time.

Getting the Most from Content

Often, marketers are investing time and resources into content creation without measuring or understanding its value to audiences. The result: nearly 70% of marketing content goes unused as they are too promotional and not relevant to the audience.

In today’s conflicted social climate, many people feel content marketing doesn’t speak to their desire for social change. Sixty percent of Americans say they’ll buy from or boycott a brand based on its stand on racial injustice.

Customers are navigating a new world of business and social challenges. Consequently, content must come from a place of empathy and address those issues to be successful.

The Case for a Content Marketing Revolution

Consumers have come to expect content marketing from the companies they patronize. This makes it a highly effective way to spread the word about your services and increase revenue. Content-centric messaging is creating a marketing revolution for many reasons:

Affordable and Highly Effective

Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, yet it yields more than 3x the leads. Consumers are scouring the internet for answers to questions and solutions to problems. When you create content that solves those problems, you’re making a meaningful connection with your audience. This results in qualified leads and, ultimately, conversions.

Highly Targetable

Content marketing allows you to target prospects. You’re able to gather information about your audience that lets you create useful content that is sure to resonate with them. Content leaders experience 7.8x more site traffic than non-leaders. This means by providing quality information, your audience is more likely to frequent your company’s website.

Keep Up with Competitors

Companies that disregard the value of content marketing will be left behind. Conversely, businesses already employing a strategic content marketing campaign are reaping the rewards:

Content marketing is a powerful tool that earns consumer trust, builds loyalty, and yields great rewards.

4 Tips for Building Winning Marketing Content

For successful content marketing, you’ll need to develop a strategy that helps you connect with your audience and deliver useful information.

Here are four tips for building winning marketing content.

1. Create Content That Attracts Your “Ideal” Buyer

You want to reach people who are interested in your solutions. Use the data you’ve gathered from your audience to create customized, valuable content. This can be accomplished when you:

  • Use language and keywords that they understand
  • Discuss their challenges and provide helpful solutions to their needs
  • Reflect their reality and explain how your services alleviate their pain points and benefit their life

2. Release Content Consistently and Frequently

Establish messaging that will resonate with your contacts. Then, map out a calendar outlining what content you’ll send and when. This helps you to deliver messages consistently and often so your followers come to expect them.

By providing steady, relevant information, you’ll establish yourself as a reliable source for meaningful content. This will increase traffic to your site and build thought leadership.

3. Focus on the Customer’s Interests and Questions

In marketing, it’s understandable to think the focus of your message would be your products and service. However, instead of creating content that pushes your product, focus on the following:

  • Build credibility – use empathy to highlight the customer’s driving motivations and needs.
  • Relate to your audience – let them know you understand their situation.
  • Build customer loyalty – become a resource by providing helpful information.

4. Activate Your Experts

You may not be an expert on every topic your readers want you to address. But chances are, you know people who are. Tap into the creativity, insights, and experience of the subject matter experts (SMEs) already working for you to help you build quality content. By providing your audience with accurate, knowledgeable content, you’re establishing a positive relationship with your contacts.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential with Televerde

We provide the sales and marketing alignment, strategy, and services you need to grow and compete in new and existing target markets. Our team understands your business, solutions, and messaging. We can help you develop a successful content marketing strategy that builds relationships with your targeted prospects. Together, we’ll help you provide them with the information they need to become a customer.

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