Creating a Culture of Caring in Business

Imagine growing up in a town of 350 people. There weren’t other kids my age in my neighborhood, so I learned to master solitude, flexibility and introspection. When an opportunity arose in my early 20s to move to New York City, I jumped in headfirst. I had always wanted to live in Manhattan. Growing up with movies like The Secret of My Success and Baby Boom, I dreamt of running away to the big apple and becoming a business titan. This is where I started my professional journey learning how to incorporate caring as part of a company culture. Caring leads to kindness, appreciation and, ultimately, success.

While working for an Internet startup company in NYC, I had opportunities to manage various clients and oversee outsourced customer services and the inside sales teams. This is where I began to learn about people development and management. I found that leadership is an art. It’s not about managing people. It’s about caring for your people. I recently came across an article titled, 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Caring. In it, the author says that creating a culture of caring is about answering questions about why we do what we do, our belief system and our purpose. Through the power of caring, successful and cohesive teams can be built. Caring makes training, coaching and development more purposeful. Caring is a core value that builds trust and understanding and nurtures relationships leading to professional and personal growth.

I thoroughly enjoyed New York, but after five years of city life, I was ready to give up the East Coast. Phoenix was having exponential growth and becoming known as “little LA.” The sunny Arizona weather sounded attractive too. And a car! This freedom was enough to convince me to move to Arizona.

Shortly after moving here, I found Televerde.

What intrigued me most about this company is that five of their sales centers are run out of state prisons (four at Perryville Correctional in Arizona and one at Rockville Correctional in Indiana). Through Televerde’s unique business model, female prison inmates are executing sophisticated demand generation activities for clients that are at the leading edge of technology.

Televerde has led me on a worldwide journey that took me to both Perryville and Rockville. I witnessed firsthand how our business model is empowering incarcerated women and helping them rebuild their lives. Since 1995, Televerde has successfully transformed the lives of 3,000 incarcerated women in Arizona and Indiana with a reduced recidivism rate of less than 5.5 percent. This type of success is only made possible by a culture of caring, where everyone is accepted regardless of their background.

When I arrived at our Glasgow campus in Scotland, I was tasked with opening the European office from the ground up and spent two years organizing, training and developing world-class teams that align with our company culture. To build a culture of caring is to understand the challenges that others deal with and what they care about in order to build stronger business and personal relationships across the globe. Frequent communication is key. We should always assume positive intent and show others they are valued and appreciated. Connecting with employees and showing genuine appreciation are the keys to building lasting and loyal teams.

I began my 14th year with Televerde. I’m back in Phoenix again and recently took on the role of Global Call Center Director. I’m continually amazed at the dedication and loyalty of our women in orange. They take time to understand our client’s solution set, market and competitive landscape. The level of professionalism and engagement they have would make you think our clients employ them directly. This is the impact of investing in human potential. (Learn more about our business model)

Televerde builds a culture of caring by uniting employees across the globe, from Glasgow, Scotland, Cordoba, Argentina, Melbourne, Australia, Phoenix and Goodyear in Arizona, to Rockville, Indiana, covering 20 languages regardless of their differences, background and mistakes. We, at Televerde believe caring + action = humanity. I’d love to take you on a tour of our operations and show you the phenomenal impact we’re having across the globe.

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