Why Data Quality Matters to CMOs

I was recently invited to join the Forbes Communications Council, which, for a marketing guy like myself, was a real honor.

This group of men and women have spent their careers committed to communications, marketing and public relations and are the cream of the crop of those disciplines. As a council members, we share insights and tips on a variety of topics related to marketing and communications topics with the Forbes readership.

I’m excited because my first full article as a Forbes Thought Leader was published today and it’s on a topic that I believe strongly in – data quality. I find that sometimes people think that as you move up the corporate ladder you don’t have to think about the weeds anymore; that a strategy focus means you can relieve yourself from considering what happens at the execution layer. I couldn’t disagree more!

As Televerde’s chief marketing officer, I have to set the strategy for our marketing initiatives – and have a revenue goal myself – so I better have the right strategy in place. Part of that means considering what tactics are going to get us there. One of the most important is data quality. That’s why I made it the focus of this first Forbes article: Why Data Quality Matters to CMOs.

You have the right data to justify your strategies and win more budget share for new programs.

The article focuses on how, as the marketing leader and chief storyteller of your organization, you have the right data to justify your strategies and win more budget share for new programs. To do so, you have to:

    • Pay attention to the big picture –As CMO, you may be the only leader to see the numbers from every customer engagement touchpoint. Develop benchmarks for the industry and for each methodology and source so you can put metrics in context to detect trends.
    • Dive into your sales & marketing tech ecosystem – Understand how data flows across your marketing automation and CRM systems and you’ll spot possible channel conflicts and sources of incomplete or conflicting data.
    • Develop an efficient integration system – Use good data quality tools to identify your data and organize it in a consistent, modern way to avoid errors and duplicates that are costly to resolve manually.
    • Tap third-party sources – Since you’re unlikely to collect a complete and comprehensive data set on every single prospect, consider supplementing what you do have by acquiring high-quality data from third-party sources.
    • Set your data system up for success – Your data will grow as your customer base grows. Don’t wait to make sure your systems are in order. Make sure they are clear, organized and ready to scale out of the gate.

As a marketer, the importance of data quality stays with you as your career progresses. To make the biggest impact on your organization, start and finish with good, solid data. Please give the article a read and tell me what you think.  And if you’re feeling generous, I’d love for you to share it with your network so we can hear what they think, too. Thanks for your time and thoughts. I always love hearing them.

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