Day 1 … Lost in the supermarket at #SDSummit

Posted by Mark Evertz

I made it to Nashville mostly without incident. Good plane ride from rainy Oregon to sunny Dallas to Nashville and met a sharp dude … Tom … Where’s that card again ???? whose company does Marketo set up and analytics support for companies. We swap cards and share an Uber ride to Opryland Gaylord.

And that’s when the angst set in.

This place is the stuff of a Tom Wolfe novel. Just finding my room took an escort and a co-worker for  moral support. Only to get lost again after dinner and cocktails. It made me flashback about 40 years to that fear etched on the brain when mom took off in one direction while I was looking at magazines or the toy aisle in the supermarket…..ahhhhh!!!! Panic has a long memory.
If you think I’m exaggerating …check this out

Clearly SD is doing well.

And this started my neophyte journey in Nashville and my 1st Sirius Decisions — lost and wandering around aimlessly in search of a friendly face.

Luckily there have been many willing to point me in the right direction of these case studies or a keynote or two… Magic Johnson….hmmm. Marketing Automation vendor playoff predictions? I’m actually bummed I have to miss it for a can’t-miss client meeting.

Another couple of places I’m going tomorrow if I can find it are:

Lattice Engines Case Study: The 3 Ways Predictive Scoring Will Make Everyone – Including Your Reps! – Love Lead Scoring,

And Televerde Case Study: From A to $ – Strategies for Intelligent Growth,

Wish me luck. If you see this face … Assume I’m lost and offer to let me follow you somewhere worthwhile.

@MarkAEvertz come by booth 520 to say hello

Song of the day….
Lost in the supermarket by The Clash.

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