What is Context Marketing? Find out at Demand Gen Summit 2020

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The holy grail of marketing – old and new – is reaching out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

In light of recent world events, everything is moving to digital. Now – more than ever – it takes a targeted approach to break through all the digital noise vying for your prospects’ attention.


Context marketing, what’s that?

You know, that feeling when a company is speaking directly to you about your unique pains and challenges at just the right time? That’s context marketing.

But what, exactly, is context marketing, and how do you put those ideas into practice?

At this year’s Content Marketing Institute Demand Gen Summit, Televerde’s Deanna Ransom is taking the virtual stage with Salesforce’s Mathew Sweezey, to show you how high-performing marketing organizations are breaking through via context marketing (and how you can, too!).


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Watch our presentation to learn:

  • Why Context is the new creative lens of marketing
  • What it takes to motivate the Post-AI consumer
  • How to reach Context in normal, and uncertain times


But wait, there’s more!

In addition to our game-changing presentation with Salesforce, the Demand Gen Summit will have no shortage of demand gen experts sharing insights on ways to keep your business moving forward. Here are a few of the presentations we’re looking most forward to:

  • Adele Revella, Founder at Buyer Persona Institute, will teach us how to achieve near real-time buyer insights to adjust demand strategies and build messaging buyers want to hear.
  • Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard, will walk us through using video to generate more leads and increase engagement to qualify leads faster.
  • Tom Martin, President at Converse Digital, will talk about putting the human touch back in closing sales in a socially-distant world.


Virtual events: the new normal?

While the circumstances forcing events online might be temporary, the trend of digital events likely isn’t. Do what you can to embrace this transition, and jump head-first into 2020 virtual event season.

Need insights to help you navigate this year’s large-scale virtual events? Here are a few tips we came up with to help you get the most out of this year’s SiriusDecisions Virtual Summit you can use here as well!


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