Medical Technology Organizations: What Demand Generation Means to You

Are you ready for HIMSS?

The 2017 Health IT Conference is just around the corner, we’re busy preparing for the trip to Orlando and we’d love to see you there.  We’re hosting a luncheon about how to better align sales and marketing in a healthcare setting; if you are a marketing leader and would like to attend, please click here.

I’ve also been thinking about last year’s event and what we learned at the show. For years, we’ve walked away from HIMSS and similar events hopeful that the promises of improved electronic health records, increased system interoperability, and the improved quality of data would start to produce the benefits we’ve long heard about.  At the 2016 event, we watched companies pledge to promote patients’ access to their own electronic health records. This gave us real evidence that the big players in the healthcare world were ready to make it happen.  On the heels of the conference, the Patient Safety Movement announced 49 medical technology companies had signed its public pledge to share data.  This announcement coupled with the billions in federal subsidies available for investments in these technologies, gave us more confidence than ever that changes were on the horizon.

Fast forward to today – those changes have generated demand for products and services that can keep up with the fast pace of the evolving industry.  There’s a growing need for more robust demand generation programs. Even therapy managers with the most unique/exciting/revolutionary new solutions struggle to fill their sales pipeline. The amount of leg work that goes into setting appointments or demos is tremendously high, especially with the multiple decision makers and committee-based decision structures. Because such a small percentage of healthcare professionals with budget authority use LinkedIn, it’s challenging to identify sales targets effectively.

Televerde’s lead-to-revenue demand generation model helps healthcare technology companies find and engage with the right prospects to drive revenue. We offer:

  • Integrated Demand Generation – Demand generation that guides and enhances your current programs, or provides fully outsourced solutions based on your business requirements.
  • Data Intelligence – Data quality can make or break your demand generation campaign. The healthcare industry frequently has multiple decision makers and it’s important you are able to identify and profile them correctly.
  • Sales Pipeline – Developing a line of sight for the prospects and opportunities is critical for a company’s success. Televerde is an expert in driving demand and accelerating sales that allow for a more effective and accurate sales pipeline.
  • Marketing Automation – Through marketing automation you can deliver relevant messages at the right time. When used with other core marketing tools, marketing automation can produce powerful results that allows marketers to monitor, analyze and react to buyers’ responses.
  • Teleservices – A dedicated and highly-skilled sales development team is essential. Through person-to-person interaction, needs are found, insight is gained and relationships are established all leading to a quality lead for your field sales

With a focus on modern techniques, such as end-to-end demand generation, sales and marketing efforts in the current healthcare environment can build upon the organic demand being generated in the market, overcome traditional barriers to driving sales, and create impressive client satisfaction. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you start meeting your goals, and look for us at HIMSS 2017.
Ray Kemper
@raykemper on Twitter

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