4 Tips for Generating Better Quality Leads in the New Year

New Year, new gear! Shift into demand generation marketing mode for 2015. It’s true, a high number of leads will theoretically boost your number of overall conversions, but isn’t quality more important than quantity? Make your focus in 2015 on generating the best possible leads and incorporating lead nurturing services into your demand gen strategy to maximize productivity and quality of conversions. Fire up your lead generating engines and take on the New Year!

Make sure you’re targeting the right audience

Understanding buyer personas is a crucial part of quality lead generation. You need to know who your buyers are, where they are located, what they are looking to buy, when they are looking to buy, and more, to truly create effective demand generation campaigns that produce the best ROI, and better yet, outsmart your competitors. This year take advantage of the demographic data your marketing automation platform can provide you with. Moreover, if your data is a mess to begin with, outsource your data cleansing to professionals to ensure your data is accurate and current from the start.  Once you know who you should be targeting, it will only increase the return on your demand generation marketing investments.

Create impactful email campaigns

First off, make sure your email list is relevant. Has it been updated recently? To add to our data quality point above, if you have been using the same list for an extended period of time, you can expect to yield subpar results. As we can’t say it enough, make sure the user data in your email list is accurate.

Once you have a clear understanding of who you are targeting, you will be able to focus on creating and managing impactful campaigns, directed at the leads with the most potential to buy. Additionally, know that your leads are diverse, and blasting one email to everyone is not nearly as effective as a drip email campaign would be. Cater to the different types of buyer personas you will inevitably encounter rather than assuming that one email will suffice.

Produce killer content

Why is it that so many leads are about to close but never actually seal the deal? Lack of quality content. If you focus on nurturing your leads throughout the decision cycle by providing them with targeted content, you will most likely see the quality of your leads go up. According to HubSpot’s 2014 report on inbound marketing, brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month! We have to say we like those numbers. To add to that, the more targeted and personalized content you push out should bring leads into your pipeline that are higher value and convert at a higher velocity. As well, the content you produce does not only need to be in the form of your standard blog post. Mix it up with the creation of infographics, video, eBooks, and interactive pieces that engage your audience and leave them coming back for more.

Weed out unqualified leads

Start out the New Year by weeding out the leads that have sat stagnant in your pipeline and demonstrated they are not sales-ready by implementing lead qualification programs. This can be as simple as asking the right questions on your landing pages to get a clearer idea of different buyer personas to human touch qualification or lead scoring through your marketing automation platform. Again, it’s about asking the right questions at the right time. Those answers will ultimately give you the tools needed to effectively retarget and build demand generation campaigns that pass the right leads onto sales without missing out on future opportunities.

What strategies are you using in your demand generation marketing campaigns? Have you been utilizing lead nurturing services to increase lead quality? Share your tips for quality lead generation by commenting below or tweeting us @televerde. Stay in touch with the latest in marketing & sales by subscribing to our blog!

Written by: Ken Bonham
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