Content Strategy Guide for the Buyer’s Journey [Infographic]

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Many of us know about the three main stages in the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration & decision), but do you know how content fits into each stage of that process? Content specific to each phase in the buyer’s journey is essential to successful demand generation marketing, so new and current buyers find your company in the research phase and make their way through your funnel to the end…a purchase!

In the awareness stage, many buyers learn about brands through easily accessible organic media such as social media, blogs, eBooks and SlideShare presentations. Customers trust content more than advertising, so it is imperative to have multiple forms of content distributed on various channels to get your messages across. Once the buyer has been exposed to the brand, he or she then moves into the consideration stage, or the second phase of the buyer’s journey, where the buyer is actively comparing a brand to its competitors. In the consideration stage, customers most likely investigate customer reviews and ratings, expert guides, and any type of publication that directly compares a company and its products or services to industry competitors. The last stage of the buyer’s journey is known as the decision stage. In this phase, buyers explore case studies, free trials and live demos. They also expect companies to interact with them on an equal and frequent basis. According to a recent statistic, 35 to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds to the customer first. With almost half of a sale depending on the response rate of a company, it is imperative that customer interaction and experience be among your top priorities for effective b2b demand generation!

To find out more about each stage of the buyer’s journey and how content can be the connecting piece between seller-buyer relations, check out our infographic below.

What forms of content does your company use in each stage of the buyer’s journey? Do you prefer some over others? Let us know by commenting on LinkedIn or tweeting us @televerde. For more information on demand generation marketing, contact one of our experts today.

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Written by: Ken Bonham
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