Content Recycle: Creative Ways to Repurpose Content

Demand generation marketing is essential in creating and nurturing buyer relationships throughout all stages of the sales pipeline. Creating custom content that engages and excites potential and current customers is only half the battle—you want that content to reach as many people on as many channels as possible. And we don’t mean distributing the same old blog across your website and social channels…we are a little more creative than that! This is where thinking of fresh and engaging ways to repurpose content becomes important. Amp up your b2b demand generation game and participate in some content recycle with these creative tactic

Why repurpose?

Your company works hard to create unique and targeted content that will help generate demand, but your efforts are wasted if you don’t promote that content to the fullest extent. Repurposing content into a new format might attract a new audience or reinforce a message you tried to get across the first time. Another plus, not having to create new content from scratch gives you more time to work on other projects and also gives you the opportunity to maximize your message across new mediums.

What should you repurpose?

The only content pieces that should be repurposed are those that are still relevant or were popular when they were first published online. Some topics are not time-sensitive and may still be valuable to users months down the road. Additionally, if you have a blog that generated a high volume of traffic, it could be repurposed into a new piece of content like an infographic of SlideShare. High quality pieces are the perfect candidates to be improved, expanded upon, updated, and upcycled to create something new and valuable…with less effort.

How do I repurpose content effectively?


According to HubSpot, marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI. This is why creating a blog is a common technique for demand generation marketing. You can turn almost any piece of content into a blog or use a past blog to create something new. Combine multiple posts on similar topics to create a guide, report on an issue, or use a listicle to inspire a series of different blog posts. The possibilities are endless!


Infographics are incredibly valuable pieces of content. They’re fun to look at, easy to share, easy to understand, and contain a lot of information that is often hard to digest through text alone. Infographics are more likely to go viral than a blog post and are also more compatible on mobile devices. Repurpose an old blog post, case study, PowerPoint, or a compilation of statistics into an infographic to get more out of your message and creative efforts.


If your company puts together an amazing PowerPoint or presentation, you can turn that into a SlideShare and allow all of your customers to see the work you’ve been doing. SlideShare is a useful tool because it’s made for users to click through and digest a story, it’s visually engaging, and drives external traffic back to your website…hello SEO! High on visuals, it’s an effective medium to repurpose data or case studies, and you can even use it for lead generation.


Sometimes people will scroll past a blog but stop to watch a video. Channels like YouTube or Vimeo are valuable social media platforms, but a lot of companies don’t use it as much as they could. Get creative! Turn a webinar into a video, a blog topic into a webinar, or an interview with an expert into a podcast.

Social Media

Lastly, never underestimate the power of social media. Underutilizing it could be a huge oversight. Take the most interesting fact from your latest blog post and tweet it. Share a photo of your latest project on Instagram. In the end, you can generate a lot of buzz with very little effort.

Every one digests content differently, so why not expand your reach? Have any examples of content that you’ve successfully repurposed? Let us know by tweeting us @televerde or commenting on our LinkedIn page. For more information about marketing and sales strategies and b2b demand generation, contact our experts!

Written by: Ken Bonham
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