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As the development and implementation of newer technologies becomes prevalent in the lives of modern marketers, it is important to remember which tools and tactics are the best for improving conversions in your demand generation marketing campaigns.  No matter what industry you’re in, conversions are getting harder to obtain, simply because consumers demand much more personalization and creativity from a marketer’s advertising message. When it comes to optimizing campaigns for conversions, certain tactics are much more valuable than others. Removing distraction and presenting a clear value offer, simplifying forms, using A/B testing, and implementing lead nurturing services through marketing automation are a few of our favorites.
Moreover, most marketers are not looking for a one-time sale…we want to obtain customers for life! By following these tactics, consumers will be more likely to purchase, share and recommend your products and services. Removing distraction and presenting a clear value offer will tell your customers exactly where to go and ultimately why they need your product or service. Simplifying forms helps eliminate friction between you and your leads—avoid intimidation and only collect the necessary information from them. Additionally, A/B testing allows you to continually improve your demand generation marketing campaigns to see what is working and what isn’t. Most importantly, lead nurturing allows you to walk your leads through the buying cycle to not only increase the volume of your leads but the quality.
To find out more facts and stats about these marketing tactics and how they can improve your conversion rates, check out our infographic below!
Do you use these tactics in your demand generation marketing campaigns? Give us your advice on the best way to boost conversion rates by commenting below or tweeting us @televerde. Stay in touch with the latest trends in marketing & sales by subscribing to our blog!

demand generation marketing conversion infographic

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