Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Partner Network?

Going direct can only take you so far. A partner can take the personalized experience, trusted relationships and loyalty for your product or solutions to new levels.

I’ve been fortunate to work at companies throughout my career that see and utilize partners as a vital sales channel. Building out authorized agents in Latin America for BellSouth’s wireless division, launching new products into Cingular/AT&T Mobility’s U.S. National Retailers and Dealers and building the global affiliates channel for Bing Search Solutions at Microsoft, and now, leading partnerships and alliances as CMO of Televerde, I’ve learned a lot about building trusting partner relationships that can drive sales.

Historically, partners have been a topic for larger organizations offering multiple lines of business across a wide sales territory. Today, small and mid-sized businesses are utilizing partner channels as well.  Going direct can only take you so far.  Partners can take the personalized experience, trusted relationships and loyalty for your product or solutions to new levels.

Marketing is at the core of a good channel strategy.  New advances in marketing technology tools and cloud-based channel management systems have made it easier for businesses of all sizes to manage their channel information.  But, when it comes to co-marketing and through channel marketing, most companies underutilize their partners and struggle with lead tracking, training, new product launches, marketing development fund utilization, brand awareness and consistent partner engagement.

To explore this hot topic in more detail, I will be hosting a webinar with guest speaker Tim Harmon, Principal Analyst from Forrester entitled:  Turn Your Partner Channel Into a Marketing Engine.

This webinar is designed to help you get the most out of your partner channel:

  • How to tailor a co-marketing or through-channel marketing program to your partners’ individual capabilities and proclivities
  • How to avoid misalignment with corporate direct marketing programs
  • What to measure and how to align channel programs to overarching business strategies
  • How have other companies successfully grown and managed their partner channels

Please join me and bring your questions.
December 7, 2016
2:00pm to 3:00 pm EST

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