How Finance Leadership Can Help Drive Your Company’s ESG Strategy

The role of Finance in a company traditionally focuses on liquidity, funding and risk management, but that role has expanded as businesses continue to evolve. Finance has moved into a more collaborative and advisory role in many companies, and often intersects with sales, procurement, technology and legal. 

Finance leadership must, in turn, be willing to collaborate across the business to drive objectives, especially when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

Investors and rating agencies are demanding increased ESG reporting. Investors believe that companies with strong ESG programs perform better and are more stable in the long-term. 

Poor ESG practices pose environmental, legal and reputational risks that can damage a company’s bottom line. A company’s ability to secure funding and win over investors has become tied to its ability to operate responsibly and sustainably. Finance is critical in weaving ESG initiatives into a company’s strategy and operations, and CFOs will need to lead the charge. Keep Reading >>>>

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