Improve Sales Effectiveness with Oracle Eloqua for Sales

It’s no longer enough for Marketing to deliver a steady flow of qualified leads to Sales. Marketers need to be a part of and involved in the bigger picture—Closing deals that drive revenue!

In the beginning of my professional career, I was told by my COO, “Remember, You Are All in Sales”. That statement has stayed with me my entire career and if you think about it, it’s absolutely true. If Sales is not closing the deal, no one gets paid. So yes, we should all have a shared mindset with our Sales Teams.

If you’re a Marketer, you’re fully aware of the benefits Oracle Eloqua brings to the table. Lead scoring will help generate qualified leads to sales when you integrate Oracle Eloqua with your CRM but are you thinking about more than just automation? Are you considering Sales or is your focus on lead management, lead routing, and making the processes more automated? Don’t settle for basic integration when you can help Sales generate more revenue.

Using Eloqua for Sales
Sales can now get deeper insights into buyer motivations and behaviors. Allowing Sales to see and understand the Digital Body Language of buyers, marketers provide knowledge essential to pinpointing what buyers’ interests are and what they care about relating to their business and their organization.

Marketers can improve sales effectiveness resulting in more closed won deals for the organization.
Get to know and understand the benefits of leveraging the following primary configurations.

  • Profiler
  • Engage
  • Sales Prioritization View (previously known as Discover).

Profiler & Profiler Stream
As a sales enablement tool, Profiler presents a summary of valuable information at a glance about contacts in an easily accessible and data-rich format that can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With Profiler you can view contact details for a potential client, their engagement activities, their lead score value, etc. It is designed specifically for use with iOS and Android devices. I know I’m guilty of working from an airport terminal… I the only one?

Eloqua’s Profiler sales tool can be accessed using Profiler Stream which is an application that allows you to view a contact’s activity in a simple graphical and tabular format. For additional information and a quick look at Profiler’s responsive design click here

Eloqua Engage alleviates the need to constantly re-create emails frequently used throughout the sales process while ensuring sales professionals use marketing-approved branding, messaging, and content. Sales can personalize and track each email sent.  Being able to see if your contact has opened, clicked or forwarded your email can be extremely valuable, especially with a timely follow-up. The design is responsive making it easy to send and track relevant emails from the office or a mobile device. Click here for more information.

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Google Chrome
This extension allows sales representatives to view contact profile information directly from Eloqua. In addition, sales teams can email more efficiently with contact information displayed from Profiler in a pop-up window. When you use the Google Chrome extension, you no longer have to open Profiler in a separate tab and manually search for contacts. Why not work smarter, not harder. Here’s how.

Sales Prioritization Views
If you are a Salesforce user and are familiar with Oracle Eloqua’s Sales Enablement Tools, you’ve probably heard of Discover, which has now been replaced with Sales Prioritization Views.

You can integrate with your CRM in a way that provides your sales team with a prioritized list of what’s hot and who’s heavily engaged on a lead list. You can also include links to Oracle Eloqua Engage and Profiler.

Learn more about how to configure sales prioritization views in

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