Incarceration Doesn’t Stop Women from Giving Back

Holidays are a difficult time of year for incarcerated women. Whether we’re at the Rockville prison in Indiana or at the Perryville facilities in Arizona, we miss our families and all the festive holiday gatherings and traditions we grew up with. At the same time, we can’t help but think of those who are in similar or even worse situations: our armed forces, children who are waiting to be adopted, the homeless and the hungry. So to lift us up, we get into the spirit of giving back to those in our communities who need it most. And despite our limitations, you’d be surprised by how much we’re able to accomplish!

This year, our Perryville women donated to the Agua Fria Food Bank’s third annual food drive in Avondale. We’re currently raising money for Together We Rise to sponsor 100 duffel bags, which provide blankets, hygiene products, and stuffed animals to foster children. Avondale Advocacy Crisis Center, a program for victims of violence, received a donation from us of paper quilled angel figurines that were beautifully hand-crafted by the many talented women here. In addition, 50 more paper quilled animals are scheduled to be sent to a group home in hopes to bring cheer to the children that await their adoption.

The women at Santa Cruz, a Televerde call center at Perryville, crocheted 400 beanie hats, which were donated to the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to be distributed to the homeless. The ladies also made holiday cards for the Department of Corrections to send to our beloved troops overseas, for they too are away from their loved ones.

The women working at the Televerde Citrus call center rallied together to raise $500, which will be donated to an adopt-a-family program. Dependent upon the level of leads generated by the calling agents, Televerde will contribute either one or two dollars to the fund. In just two weeks, the ladies’ efforts are halfway to hitting their goal with a remaining two weeks left to achieve it. Way to go!

Our Rockville facility also raised more than $11K for the Riley Children’s Foundation. This was their third year contributing to this amazing organization. Televerde’s corporate employees made donations to fill 40 gift baskets with hygiene products and food items. The gift baskets were sold at a silent auction and all proceeds went to the foundation to purchase new toys and make renovations.

Regardless of the past challenges we’ve faced and the restricted environment we live in, we know we can still make a difference in other people’s lives. Giving back doesn’t start after we’re released. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” And we continue to live by this quote each day.

A big note of thanks to all the women at Perryville and Rockville, our Televerde corporate employees, the Department of Corrections, and to all volunteers for committing their time and giving back so generously to bring a little holiday spirit to those who need it most.

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