How Your Contact Center Agents Can Drive More Revenue

I read recently that computer scientists in Dartmouth, N.H., defined artificial intelligence 66 years ago as “making a machine behave in ways that would be called intelligent if a human were so behaving.” I’m less surprised by the definition and more surprised at the time frame. To think that AI conversations began more than six decades ago! And now, we’re having conversations globally about AI technology replacing human workers. While AI excels at many things, I don’t think it can ever replace the experience of genuine human interaction.

For many today, AI still seems like a new concept and a technology that isn’t easy to harness or isn’t accessible to some industries. In the contact center, we’ve seen advances in AI with chatbots and self-service tools. I’m inundated daily with new AI tools and services that cater to our space.

I may be in the minority here, and I’m certainly not against great technology, but the human touch, not AI, is the real differentiator in the contact center. It reigns supreme, and it’s not something that can be easily replicated through AI. The bottom line: Your contact center agents—the people—are your greatest assets. Here’s how to empower them to perform at their highest level. Keep Reading >>>

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