Round Table Companies: No Bullshit Storytelling

Round Table Companies: No Bullshit Storytelling: My Week with Consultants and Ex-Cons

“A marketing and lead-generation firm, Televerde challenged all attendees to enlist the services of a talented, untapped labor market: prisons. If you think they were just exploiting cheap labor, then you’d be telling yourself the old story of “business as usual.” Instead, incarcerated women apply, interview, and are given jobs and training at Televerde. In a business world where companies trash applicants who check that little box asking about prior convictions, Televerde recognizes that people shouldn’t be held forever accountable for mistakes they’ve already served time for. With Televerde, when the prisoners’ sentences are up, they have jobs to go to. Better business, better employees, and a better world are what they’re offering. Televerde’s employees have a recidivism rate of less than 10 percent compared to a typical rate in excess of 80 percent. They’re obviously doing something right.”

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