Oracle and Eloqua are moving out of the “Friend” Zone

It has been over four years since Oracle purchased Eloqua, which was shortly after the release of E10. Since then, the relationship had been stuck in a “friend” zone with limited enhancements to E10. I know all of you fellow “Eloquans”, now “Oraquans”, have been patiently waiting to see what changes and incorporations Oracle will pursue with Eloqua. Well, it looks as though the wait is over, and Oracle made its move by reconfiguring the Oracle Eloqua UI.

If you are an Oracle Eloqua user/admin, I am sure you have witnessed changes within the UI during the last month. The new, lighter and brighter UI provides you with more intuitive guidance to navigate you through the system in ways that were most likely not observable prior to the redesign. The primary areas that were impacted were the home page, the navigational areas and the administration area. Even though the look and feel is different, the backend and the workflow remains the same, so it should be very quick for you to adopt.


As an admin, my favorite part of the new UI is the ‘in-your-face’ visibility it displays within the My Eloqua Dashboard. Now when you log-in, you can see at a quick glance all of your campaigns, contact, visitor and web activity information. The shortcut tiles offer a quick view and an easy route to your assets. And, the tiles can be customized to your specific needs. I know for me, navigating through assets and folders in the old UI was almost painful; having many assets housed in a complex folder structure. How many clicks did it take to get to an email? Too many…but with the new UI,  I can bounce around with ease, and right from the My Eloqua Dashboard. It saves time to have all of my most recent assets available to me, no matter how far buried they may be within in a folder.

In addition to the UI improvements, there were enhancements to the A/B testing for email performance, new visual clickthrough reports and centralized template management.

But – there is more to come…

To cover these enhancements and the upcoming ones, we have created a blog series that will highlight what you need to know to get you up-to-speed as quickly and effectively as possible. I am going to cover the high level basics mentioned above so that you can navigate within the tool and know how and where to find the areas in which you will need to continue to manage your Eloqua instance.

Let us help you with the research and homework you need, and make sure to submit questions if we didn’t cover a topic you’re interested in. Also, be sure to mark your calendar for the Modern Marketing Experience 2016, April 26 -28 in Las Vegas, where these updates will be on the agenda.

As always, share your questions with us by tweeting @televerde, or comment on our LinkedIn page. To get in touch with one of our experts, contact us today.

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