Televerde Marketing and Sales Solutions

We deliver end-to-end full life-cycle revenue generation, from Marketing through Sales to Customer Success. Our uniquely evolved approach, business model, best practices and integrated solution has enabled us to deliver $65B+ in pipeline and $10B+ in revenue for our customers and counting.

Delivering both a Return on Investment and a Return on Purpose is a true competitive differentiator.

We use a modern, strategic approach and highly skilled experts, powered by a cutting-edge customer journey platform. We deliver a personalized digital experience integrated with human touch to enable powerful and consistent engagement across channels and conversations delivering superior customer experience. The end result is AI-driven, human-powered revenue generation that is scalable, repeatable, and predictable. From audience identification to advocacy, we drive bottom-line results which translate to revenue growth.

To serve our customers we have a fully integrated approach that enables us to support a large strategic need, or to fill in a gap to support our customers’ needs across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.


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