Building Your Sales Pipeline For 2020!

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Revenue goals are kind of like aluminum cans – they’re made to be crushed. But have you started thinking about how you’ll fill your 2020 pipeline to get there? We have, and we’re ready to lead you there with a plan of action that delivers results.

We may be a little biased (OK, a lot biased). But it’s because we walk the walk – for over 25 years, we’ve built pipeline for some of the world’s largest brands. And we’ve learned that generating predictable sales pipeline comes down to a few fundamentals. As the football saying goes, if you take care of the basics, the score will take care of itself.

We’re sharing the secret to easily master the fundamentals, even when you have a huge revenue number resting on your shoulders. Let’s walk together down the path to smashing your 2020 goals.

Join Xavier Major, Televerde’s Demand Generation Supervisor, to discover why:

#1 The (ideal) customer always comes first

#2 Sales & marketing integration matters most

#3 You should know your numbers & act accordingly

#4 The right tech stack matters more than ever