Marketing Automation Consulting: Secrets to Success

If you haven’t jumped on the marketing automation bandwagon yet, it’s time to get on board! A benchmark study by Gleanster found that 79% of the top-performing companies have been using automation for over 2 years. At Televerde, we offer marketing automation consulting in various platforms from Marketo to Eloqua consulting to keep clients ahead of the automation curb. Whether you have already invested or are currently vetting some platforms, check out our secrets to ensure successful marketing automation management.

1.     Start with a clean slate with data.
First and foremost, make sure your data is organized, without redundancies and has no dormant contact information. If you have a disorganized set of contacts, marketing automation may become challenging, especially when carrying out multiple interactive campaigns. Investing in data quality technology will ensure a seamless flow between your CRM and your automation software.

Another plus to clean data is more opportunity for segmentation. Fresh and organized data will allow you to segment users into more effective lists, so you can focus on deploying the most relevant and personalized content.

2.    Make the commitment to quality content.
If you’re going to invest in marketing automation, your business must also commit to producing quality content…because that is what you customers want and what they need. According to a 2013 Pardot study, 77% of buyers want multiple sources of content that’s targeted toward each stage of their research process.

Moreover, emails are essential to marketing automation, but they aren’t the only players in the game. Writing clever and useful blogs, social media, eBooks, white papers, SlideShare, video and more add to your company’s status as an industry thought leader. The more channels you distribute unique content on, the more you expand your online reach and impact.

But don’t make the mistake of skimping on quality to produce quantity. It is better to have a lower volume of rich, engaging content than a high volume of empty content that isn’t valuable to your customers. Remember, each piece of content you push out is an opportunity and invitation to engage with your customers, so make it worth their time by building up your content library.

3.    Think of marketing automation as a tool, not a product.
Most importantly, marketing automation platforms are not inert products, but active, evolving tools to increase engagement and communications with your customers. Your marketing team should be continually updating their marketing automation platform knowledge and processes.

Companies often underutilize their platform because they believe automation can be a one-time, “one size fits all” solution. In actuality, automation is not a singular process, but a web of different interactive paths to enhance a potential buyer’s journey from lead to sale.

Many businesses fail to use marketing automation properly because its employees haven’t been properly trained in the automation software’s capabilities. Investing in marketing automation consulting services will allow your business to grow a well-educated team to better maximize the software and produce powerful results to achieve a revenue gain.

The challenges you come across when using marketing automation are shared across the board, but they are nothing that planning, strategy and time won’t solve. Use our secrets to success in your automation strategy to see how small changes can create big results.

Are you a marketing automation expert? Share your tips by commenting on LinkedIn or tweeting us @televerde! If you are interested in marketing automation or Oracle Eloqua consulting, contact our experts for more info.

Written by: Ken Bonham
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