Meet Our New Head of Sales Q&A

Great sales leaders know that driving the numbers is only half the job; they also want meaningful work and to fulfill a greater purpose. Meet Chris Daniels, our newly appointed Global Head of Sales. He’s a proven sales and marketing chief, family man, diehard soccer fan, and a leader committed to making the world work for all. We caught up with Chris to chat with him about his new role, learn what we can expect his first year, and sneak a peek into his personal life. Here’s what he shared with us.

As the new Global Head of Sales, what do you want to achieve in your first year in the job?

My goal is to help position Televerde for substantial growth. There’s incredible demand for the sales and marketing solutions we deliver and so my focus this first year is to build the people, processes and structure that will really enable the company to scale. As we grow, we’ll be able to better serve the needs of our clients worldwide and provide a stronger customer experience consistently.

What makes a great Sales team?

A successful, motivated and engaged team is gold and you know it when you see it. Think about the 2019 U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, the 1999 NY Yankees, and the 1992 US Men’s Olympic Basketball Team – what these teams had was special. They were well-trained, passionate and positive. They had great listening skills and were able to think really well on their feet. More importantly, they worked together as a team. There was no one star – each player shined individually. Collectively, they gelled and supported each other, every single game.

There’s a tendency for a sales team to compete with each other. Don’t get me wrong, friendly competition is healthy and I’m all for it. We have individual sales quotas for a reason. But, when you forget that you are part of a team, it’s easy to fall into bad behaviors, which puts the entire company at risk. For this reason, I rank empathy and integrity high on the list of traits that make a great sales team.

I also advocate “conscious selling” — identifying your “why” and empowering your sales team to sell it. When you think about it, all business relationships are based on meaning and purpose. Strong sales teams understand this. The sales cycle must be about listening, educating each other, and delivering a service or product that has both business value and societal impact. In this way, we use our business to make the world better for everyone. This strengthens not just sales teams but all teams within your organization.

What do you like most about working for Televerde?

Obviously, the business model. Working for a company where “opportunity for all” is a core value is meaningful. It’s also critical as we’ve watched the consequences of economic inequality play out this year with COVID and the recent social uprising. Everyone deserves a chance to achieve prosperity and succeed. As a sales guy, I love selling services and solutions that deliver both a return on investment and return on purpose for our clients. It’s important and it also inspires other companies to look for opportunities to strike a better balance between profit and purpose. Business is in a position to make the world better while building wildly successful companies. This should excite every business leader!

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I’m a family man and diehard soccer fan. I live in Florida with my wife Julia and our three children. All three of our kids play competitive soccer so “on the field” is where most of our weekends are spent. Our oldest son, Max, is a freshman at Hobart College in NY and is playing soccer for the university. Our kids are as inspired by the Televerde business model as I am. It’s the first company I’ve worked for that they actually tell their friends about! I enjoy playing basketball and try to start every morning with a run.

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