Mindset Mastery: Highlights from Sales 3.0

I just got back from the Sales 3.0 Conference in San Francisco. I love events that give me an opportunity to learn from people, network and share what works. Sales 3.0 is always at the top of my list because Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power Magazine and Founder of Sales 3.0, has been a friend and fan of Televerde for years, believing in our socially responsible business model.

Gerhard is an advocate and teacher in the power of a positive mindset in life and business. After a long week on the road, with the Sales 3.0 Conference being my last stop, I looked forward to reenergizing with a focus on improving how I help my clients.

Here are a few of my highlights from Sales 3.0:

Mindset Sales Mastery

Gerhard is all about focusing on a positive mindset for sales and for life. Simple actions like reminders of gratitude and positive self-talk can be easily forgotten in the fast-paced life of sales, but by tapping into a positive mindset, those simple actions help keep you focused on the value you create and provide.


Here’s a new term that I learned—JOMO! Everyone is familiar with the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but not everyone knows about JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). With JOMO, you actively focus on being “in the moment” and not on social media broadcasting or watching what everybody else is doing.

Connect by disconnecting

While living a life of sales, being able to connect through technology is both a blessing and a curse. By cutting back on the time spent online, you’ll benefit by connecting more with yourself and your family, creating greater success in work and life.

Say more by saying less

In sales, a key strength is listening more than you talk. We did an exercise that showed by doing this you’re able to disseminate information and distill it into main themes that connect with your prospect.  I’ve heard countless pitches over the years and I always try to find ways to differentiate myself from competitors. By asking the right questions, I allow prospects to lead me to the main challenges they need solved.

Video – make it part of your relationship building

Marcus Sheridan delivered a powerful presentation on the increasing importance of using video as a sales tool. Video view rates are substantially higher than any other content shared and can easily integrate into your own strategy by recording a short one-minute snippet of yourself when you’re at an event and post on LinkedIn. This will help your potential prospects and clients identify you and start a dialogue to share ideas.

Events always seem to fly by and turn into a blur. But I’m pleased with the outcome and I’m excited to execute on these takeaways. I highly suggest attending Sales 3.0 for salespeople. If you’re going to Chicago next year, let me know! Learn more about Sales 3.0 here.

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