On The Yard

As members of Televerde’s marketing team, Xavier Major, Demand Generation Supervisor, and Chad Koskie, Product Marketing Manager, are responsible for developing innovative sales and marketing strategies that deliver results for Televerde and our clients. They stay up-to-date on the latest evolutions in the industry to help them offer fresh and unique perspectives that move our company and our clients forward.

I sat down with Xavier and Chad to find out all the details on Televerde’s newly launched podcast, On The Yard.

Q: What is the On The Yard podcast?

A: Xavier – Televerde’s On The Yard podcast is all about teaching you the methods, technologies, and strategies we use to help our clients drive more demand and generate revenue. We follow the latest trends in the industry, but we also cover tried and true tactics that have worked for our clients over our 25-years in business.

We’re more than an average sales and marketing partner. For those unfamiliar with our business model, we provide sales training, education, and jobs to incarcerated women to help them successfully transition to life outside of prison. Televerde has helped more than 3,000 incarcerated women with a less than 5.5 percent recidivism rate (versus 68% nationally).

Chad – We decided to use our podcast as a tool to convey our stance on demand generation best practices while being able to provide an inside look at how our business model helps drive the results we produce.

Q: How did you come up with the name, On The Yard?

A: Chad – If you were a fly on the wall inside our Perryville and Rockville locations, you’d be surprised how often demand gen, marketing, and sales is discussed on the yard. The women we employ are experts in sales and marketing. They’re learning marketable skills, the latest technology, and delivering real results for our clients, all behind prison walls.

Xavier – Our podcast name, On The Yard, is a tribute to the women we employ who give their 100% every single day, working as top-performing sales agents within the walls of correctional institutions.

Q: What kind of topics will you cover on the podcast?

A: Xavier – Our podcast covers anything and everything demand generation, with the unique twist of conveying our business model and purpose to how we operate. So far, we’ve covered topics like intent data, social selling, and paying your pipeline debt. In the near future you can expect to learn about lead nurturing, marketing automation, and cold calling.

Q: How do you determine your podcast topics? Will you take suggestions from you fans?

A: Chad – We decide podcast topics based on current events happening here at Televerde. We talk about what’s working for us and what’s driving revenue for our clients. We love feedback and are ready and willing to take topic suggestions from our listeners.


Q: Who should listen in?

A: Chad – Whether you’re a seasoned player in the game of sales and marketing or a newcomer, you’ll want to listen to On The Yard. You’ll learn something new and gain a fresh perspective on typical demand gen tactics.

Q: Where can people listen?

A: On The Yard is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and Anchor. Subscribe to receive alerts as new episodes post.

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