[Podcast] 5 Ways Not to Do Social Selling

Have you found your social media strategies to be falling flat? Have you tried to build up your social following and engagement rates, or tried to mass pitch your newest product or service with no avail?

Have no fret, Xavier Major, Demand Generation Supervisor and Master Social Seller at Televerde will uncover the 5 bad habits that every marketer should eliminate from their social selling tactics. Learn how to make connections more likely to share and comment on your content, open your sales emails, and even get excited to jump on demo calls with you.

Listen in now on this 20-minute podcast, 5 Ways Not to Do Social Selling and turn your social media relationships into lucrative, meaningful connections!

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Episode Highlights 

  • -Discover what it means to build true, meaningful relationships on LinkedIn through personalized connection requests, sharing content and supporting like causes.
  • Get the low-down on how NOT to be ‘creepy’. Yes, that’s correct, nobody likes the creepy guy in the corner office and neither do your potential customers.
  • Get tips on how to create interesting and sharable content, boring doesn’t cut-it nowadays.
  • Hear from Xavier on what Televerde has done to become masters at social selling

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