Q&A with Demand Gen and Marketing Guru, Deanna Ransom

What brought you to Televerde?
I’ve had a relationship with Televerde that goes back more than 10 years. I believe in the model and have seen the results first-hand. They consistently delivered over the years, filling my funnel and pipeline. What started as a simple conversation led to the opportunity to meet with Televerde’s CEO and CFO who shared their vision and passion. I was totally hooked and had found my people. How could I pass up the opportunity to work with and be a part of excellent leadership, driving purpose and results while pushing innovation and transforming lives? And, having been a client multiple times over in multiple companies, it was an opportunity to help a company I believe in achieve their business goals.

Tell us about your role and the team you lead?
My role is head of Marketing and Marketing Services with oversight of Sales Engineering. For someone who began their career in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sales and transitioned to marketing, this role is a dream.

Televerde has a unique workforce comprised of both non-incarcerated and incarcerated professionals, which requires a diverse leadership skill set. I’ve always believed that leaders should inspire their teams to be and do their best. In this role, this takes on a whole new meaning. My team and I are the stewards of our brand, demand and lead generation, and content marketing. We’re responsible for filling our pipeline and ensuring it converts with complete alignment to the goals of the business while advising our salesforce, speaking with our customers to explain our offerings, and ensuring our customers and prospects are at the center of every motion. We focus on delivering relevancy, pricing and presentation of our technology and solutions. It’s a big role to say the least. We’re able to accomplish it because the team I lead is filled with smart, savvy, passionate professionals, regardless of their location, practice area or status of being incarcerated or non-incarcerated.

What is drawing you to this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit?
I can’t just say Adam Levine, right? There’s no doubt we’re all facing challenges we’ve not seen before or at least not to this magnitude. My perspective is that even during your greatest challenges, there’s opportunity waiting to be discovered. The SiriusDecisions Summit presents the chance to potentially uncover hidden opportunities that can help organizations see beyond the challenges we’re all facing.

Which sessions are you most looking forward to and why?
I must hear the keynote from Brené Brown on Monday and Phil Harrell’s talk on Tuesday on driving more efficient revenue generation in an uncertain world. These insights are invaluable and timely. I’m also super excited that our customer, Joy King from Micro Focus Vertica will share a case study about seeing opportunity despite challenges. We’re calling it Risk vs. Reward: Why Micro Focus Vertica Expanded Their Sales and Marketing Partnership with Televerde in a Constricting World. That’s Tuesday, and–shameless plug–I suggest everyone check it out.

What is the one piece of advice you have for B2B marketers right now?
There’s a personal and business element that we are all attempting to navigate right now. We all are facing the same crisis but we’re not all facing it the same way. Take a deep breath, release that breath and don’t make assumptions. Take care of yourself, your families, and look for opportunities instead of challenges. I’m a firm believer that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On a personal note, what one non-essential item is making your time at home more bearable during the COVID-19 crisis?
I’ve never been much of a digital game player but I now play a game called Word Stacks every day and I’ve gone back to my Kindle and my favorite pastime, reading. My phone and my Kindle have become my essential, non-essential items right now.

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