SDRs: Heroes of the ABM World

Our bags are packed, our travel is booked and our booth is ready to be set up. That’s right – Televerde is heading out to the SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit. And, no, it’s not because Fall Out Boy is going to rock the house. It’s because SD Summit has always been an opportunity to dive deep and learn more about data-driven best practices research, gain access to new innovations and research and, what we like best – connect with other B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders.

Going into this year’s event we’re excited to see what other B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders have done with the Demand Unit Waterfall that was introduced at SD Summit 2017. It’s been a year since the new model was unveiled, with its new and refined stages, a significant update to how organizations define a “buyer” and the refocused on teleservices by adding in intent and predictive data. Having teleservices formally represented on the Waterfall was a big step and one that we were very excited to see.

SDR’s for ABM are the jam to our jelly

Since we learned of and implemented the Demand Unit Waterfall at Televerde, we’ve put a strong emphasis on the sales development rep (SDR) role. We’ve found that the SDR is a key role to implement and build an account-based marketing (ABM) outreach program. While it normally falls to multiple account executives to target accounts specifically, we’ve found the SDR role can be very strategic and very account focused. It’s one that can use multiple modes of communication to reach customers, find a foothold for new business or to expand the existing business.

Taking this a step further, we’ve noticed that middle-of-the-funnel activities – where activity moves from account-based marketing to account based selling (ABS) – is an area where a lot of companies seem to struggle.  This is where the Waterfall has been effective in helping us (and our SDRs) move a prospect from the top of the funnel (ABM) to the middle or bottom of the funnel (ABS). The Televerde difference personalizes the process by combining the best technologies with our SDRs who are the best-of-the-best at adding value that only comes when a skilled human is injected into the process.

Do you have an SDR hero?

It’s been a year and we’ve seen real value in the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall. We’re excited to see what our peers have noticed over the past 12 months and if they, too, see the SDR as the hero of the process.

If you’re going to SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit, reach out to us! Spend 7 minutes with us and we’ll reserve a Recharge Kit for you to pick up at the Televerde booth anytime during the show!

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