SDSummit Day 2: Mark the Booth Babe vs. A Free Lunch

Posted by Mark Evertz

Whoever said “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” were never treated to the hospitality and delightful cuisine (some boxed, some not) of the Opryland Gaylord during #SDSummit15. OK, so my boss would vehemently point out that these lunches or dinners are anything but free – thanks to the plane ride and admission tix that got me near the food – but that would ruin a good story. So, weren’t going to move on.

On this day of particular hunger, I spent my lunch hour as a ‘Booth Babe’ for Televerde. I shook a few hands, threw out my come hither stare and lured them in with my sassy Televerde-approved orange tie.
I’ll pause for a moment to see if you recognize where this is going … RIGHT! Unless I look like this:

Next to a pile of this:
…there is absolutely ZERO chance that any gifts of gab or attraction I may have will be completely obscured by free grub. All Day. Every day. Now, despite flaming out as a booth babe, I did manage to talk with a few people that impressed the heck out of me at the show:

Nick Eduoard of LookBookHQ – A cool dude with an even cooler product that you really need to check out. Nick … we will work together on a project or 20 someday soon, I swear.

Jennifer Earl of Revegy – A smart lady with a love of wine, good food and getting sales teams to get their schmidt together via technology (not brand approved language but not trademarked if wanted)

Jessie Noyes of Kapost  — The Bearded Baron of Bitchin’ Content who is flat out one of the nicest guys I’ve met at the show so far. I’m putting in a rec for Kapost because of that conversation alone … OK, and with Jason  ‘Freakin’ A.’ Miller. These guys (Jason and Jessie)  +  this product are the real deal.

And assorted show floor carousing with the Sirius Decisions hombres showing off Sirius Tools. Seriously cool!


And Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp  — Again, Seth, we’re two guys just trying to find the right opportunity to impress the hell out of a Televerde client.  It will happen! Talk to you soon.

And away from the floor, I was glad to hear from Chris Roeckl of Pulse Secure (full disclosure: a Televerde client)  on not only pulling his company up by the bootstraps  after spinning out on its own from Juniper Networks but also his approach for selecting, collaborating with and pushing vendors to be their best. Very informative.

In the “Bummed I Missed Category” from Day 2:

OK off to shake my tail feathers. If I missed something cool, let me know below. Cheers< Mark

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