Social Butterflies and Social Selling, the Perfect Pair

Think about the social butterflies in your life – they tend to have the most followers, they’re your go-to for what’s trending on Twitter and they know all of the hottest spots in town. When you scroll through their Instagram photos, they’re always on a different adventure with friends, old and new, with the perfect filter to catch everyone’s attention.

Well, Sales Development Reps are the social butterflies of your sales team, and through social connections, they quickly establish relationships with prospects and drive meaningful conversations.

As our world becomes increasingly connected, social media has more power than ever. Implementing a layer of social selling is essential in order to keep up with the business-to-business buying trend. BusinessWire referenced research from the International Data Corporation, which found that 91% of B2B buyers are now active and involved in social media, and 84% of senior executives use social media to support purchasing decisions.

Through social interactions, SDRs can actively engage buyers, build trusting relationships and ask all the right questions on a more relaxed and personal level. More importantly, before SDRs start signing up for every social application they can find, they ensure that the platform matches the audience. For instance, decision makers primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn, according to Forrester research, so an SDR on Facebook is not nearly as effective.

Social Selling also enhances the Account-Based Marketing model by allowing your SDRs to follow a list of targeted accounts to collect valuable information. This information could include: account profile, up-to-date company news and major achievements. Your SDRs have the freedom to spread their wings to utilize this information as the gateway to opening up meaningful conversations and connect with your prospects.

It’s also important for your SDRs to join and participate in LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn has more than 400 million users and 1.8 million groups, so the opportunities for networking and referrals are insurmountable. Connecting with LinkedIn prospects is now one of the most effective and efficient methods to foster relationships, share business interests and offer service or product values.

Sales Development Reps humanize marketing and sales by instilling a personal touch through social selling, while guiding prospects through their buying journey. Not only do SDRs have the knowledge to share the latest content, they also know the most effective strategy to build your social footprint.

So put your SDRs to work and leverage their social butterfly connections to build those new adventures with your prospects and nurturing relationships, #nofilter needed.

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