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From pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and turkey prepared with all the trimmings, to four-day weekends, the start of holiday carolers and anything but political dinner conversations–for all of us at Televerde, there isn’t anything we don’t love about Thanksgiving.

But what tops our list is gratitude for moments throughout the year that became our fondest memories and for those around us who support our work all year long. As challenging as it was, we got our list down to the perfect 10.

Top 10 Things for Which We’re Thankful

1. A Company Born in Purpose: Since 1995, we’ve helped about 3,000 incarcerated women find and fulfill their potential. What we’ve found is when you give a person the opportunity and support they need to learn, grow and prosper, they do…in ways they never dreamt possible. To see and experience the full impact of our work every day is a gift for which we are all incredibly thankful.

2. The BEST Employees in the World: Our employees are both business- and purpose-driven. They are passionate and compassionate. The result is their ability to deliver superior customer experiences while helping to transform lives, families, and communities. It’s a tall order yet they deliver…day in and day out. They do all this on and off the clock, which underscores their commitment to our customers, our communities, and to strengthening and caring for the human spirit. We couldn’t be more grateful to our global team of rock stars!

3. Amazing Customers Worldwide: Every action, interaction, reaction and transaction is done with our customers in mind. They are the backbone of Televerde, and we wouldn’t be here without them. They are the biggest champions of our business model and because of them we’re able to touch even more lives year after year. We can’t thank them enough!

4. Our Global Communities: With offices in Phoenix, Arizona, Córdoba, Argentina, Melbourne, Australia, and Glasgow, Scotland, the communities where we live and do business are as diverse as our workforce. We are grateful every day for their continued support and for allowing us to thrive in environments where we can better serve our customers and extend the reach our purpose.

5. Partners Who Help Us Get the Job Done: We are proud to walk hand-in-hand with such incredible partners like Marketo. Our partners are our family and we beat as one. They believe in our business and our purpose. These partnerships have helped strengthen our organization and support the many lives connected to Televerde. We feel completely blessed to continue this journey together with them.

6. The Departments of Corrections: Our business model couldn’t work without the support of the Department of Corrections (DOC) in Arizona and Indiana. Together, we show how business and government can work together to deliver better outcomes and solve some of the most pressing challenges facing us today such as mass incarceration, recidivism and drug addiction. We are so thankful for their willingness to challenge the status quo and embrace new ways of rehabilitation with remarkable results!

7. Arouet Foundation: Transformation is constant. It doesn’t end upon release. Arouet is a non-profit organization that leads women to a stronger future through a robust and meaningful reentry program. Thanks to our partnership with Arouet, women learn how to transition back into society, address everyday challenges, form meaningful relationships, discover hidden talents, go on to higher education, and strengthen confidence in themselves to reach their goals. Thank you for your continued commitment to our purpose and for everything you do to empower women to grow in self-worth, confidence and trust.

8. Our TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional Conference Series ROCKED!: In April of this year, the Televerde team delivered a one-of-a-kind TEDx experience built around the theme: Behind the Curtain: Brains, Beauty, Business and Beyond. The event addressed the challenges and preconceived notions faced in modern corrections, such as combatting substance abuse, the importance and impact of education, business acumen, the bridge of employment to success, business and community partnerships and the power of a second chance. We cheer still today for every woman who had the courage to speak and share their stories! It’s a day in our history we will never forget.

9. SiriusDecisions Events…Wow!: We’ve literally followed SiriusDecisions across the globe this year from Las Vegas to London and to Singapore. Sponsoring and attending these events not only gave us opportunities to learn from and connect with companies, but it also gave us a platform for some of our clients to tell their own success stories. Jet lag and tired feet have nothing on us when it comes to these summits. We appreciate SiriusDecisions for being such a remarkable knowledge-factory and the source of countless relationships.

10. Erin’s Story: Televerde employee Erin Ford took her personal story public this year. She represents all the women and men who are still wrongly being defined by the worst decision they made on the worst day of their lives. Erin shows all of us what’s possible when people are given opportunities that challenge their minds and champion their spirits. They soar! Thank you, Erin, for allowing us to share in your journey.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving. Televerde is thankful for all of you!


November 19, 2018,   Blog

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