Springsteen & Me – Partners in Demand Gen

Even if one doesn’t listen to him every day, most people out there admire or are a fan on some level of the Boss.   It’s always fun to watch Courtney Cox dance in the dark before she was our best F.R.I.E.N.D. My Pandora station for Springsteen starts with his ‘92 hit, Human Touch.

Why that one? It’s catchy and also it gets me thinking…. it’s kind of the background soundtrack for the marketing automation work we do at Televerde. Let me explain…

Every day we help our clients drive their demand generation programs and accelerate their revenue growth. And helping clients to implement, optimize and manage their marketing automation technology (MAT) is a big part of how we meet that goal.

What always surprises me about working with MAT is the assumption that it’s truly ‘automatic’ and can somehow run your marketing department while taking the place of real, live people. The reason I like Bruce’s Human Touch is because it reminds us that no matter the technology, the human touch reigns supreme.

Now, let’s be clear – MAT is fantastic technology and I’m a believer. It definitely has the ability to help marketers scale and personalize our strategies. But the technology doesn’t mean you can put your marketing programs on auto-pilot.

All of us – myself included – have to remember that the only way to get the digital engagement and ROI we’ve signed up for is to gain customer insights, which only come to form when two people interact. For instance, technology alone can’t take the place of:

  • Researching, identifying and mapping out buyer personas and understanding the influences they experience on their journey;
  • Writing and designing campaigns that dazzle prospects;
  • Unearthing where prospects really are in their buying decision;
  • Prioritizing metrics or interpreting the data generated by MAT to get a clear picture of which campaigns are performing or those that need to be optimized.

ChiefMarketer.com is one of the marketing publications that I love to follow. It addresses best practices for marketing leaders, and I was flattered that they asked me to write about why MAT can never take the place of skilled people, and how people and technology have to work together to get the best results. You can read the article here – I’d love your feedback.

Agree? Disagree? Have a different point of view that I didn’t include? Let me hear from you.

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