30%more leads

than MQL goal


per week


initial response time


As a global supplier of power grid products and services, our client’s complex solutions help utilities safely and reliably provide power to where it’s needed. 

As a market leader, lead generation activities delivered hundreds of leads globally. But without the resources to properly follow-up and qualify the leads, those leads slowly grew cold.  They needed a solution to globally scale the qualification process quickly.


  • Lacked bandwidth to properly qualify hundreds of leads
  • Lacked resources to manage worldwide follow-up
  • Needed a solution to scale quickly and globally

The Solution

Televerde Services

  • Demand Generation
  • Sales Development
  • Online chat

Intrigued by a business model centered around a social purpose, our client chose to work with Televerde to implement a lead generation program.

We started a pilot program with coverage in North America and Latin America, using standardized best practices across the United States and Argentina contact centers. With sales development reps (SDRs) in both locations, process alignment was critical.

With a complex product and service offering and an engagement requiring fully BANT qualified leads, it was necessary to provide extensive and thorough solution training. In addition to the considerable training that every SDR goes through, they needed to fully understand the solution to discover challenges, develop opportunities, and gain commitment for high value leads ready to hand-off to sales.

Televerde created a global framework for success that included multi-market execution, local language expertise, and call review processes.

The Results

What used to take many days or weeks to respond to a web inquiry or tradeshow prospect now happens within 24 hours. Hot leads turn into sales opportunities after extensive qualification and understanding of purchasing timeframes, decision-making team and processes, active needs, and available budgets.

Our client was eager to continue the program with Televerde when we exceeded the MQL goal of the 3-month pilot by 30%. The engagement grew, adding online chat support, expanding languages to French and Portuguese, and delivering an average of 25 leads per week.


“The Televerde team has been amazing and very accommodating during our selection and onboarding process. I have never worked with a more professional and hands-on team. They are vested in our success.”
– Director of Global Marketing

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