Sunny Scottsdale and #C2C16 – Did Not Disappoint

The attendees of B2B Content2Conversion are a dedicated bunch. Even with the warm weather and resort pools calling their names, they delved into some of the hottest topics that are impacting marketing professionals. Here are some of the take-a-ways from the Televerde team attending.

1. The Marketing Technology Ecosystem — and how to get it all to work together to drive revenue

Everyone is struggling getting the most of the technology solutions that they’ve purchased.  In most cases, they’ve underestimated the human element needed to make the technology work for them. They get excited from a strategic marketing standpoint of what the technology will enable, but when the rubber meets the road of administering the execution,  integrated the sales development outbound calls, and driving consistent reporting across their platforms… things get complicated. Our Marketing Technology Services and Demand Gen teleservices continue to expand to fill this need in the market. ~ Ray Kemper, CMO

It’s clear you can’t buy the tools without highly specialized people to manage individual pieces of an integrated tech stack. The more this evolves my concern will be your team can’t survive unless it is staffed with experts in every tool, with a knowledge of how tools outside of their roles and responsibilities work together. If I were looking to start a business, it would be a Martech University that is vendor agnostic that could train teams on how to become proficient in common tech stacks so there is a central admin and individual specialists on the apps, (BI, MAT, CMS, CRM, Social Monitoring and distribution, PPC, SEO, SEM, etc.) ~ Mark Evertz, Director of Demand Gen and Content Services

Content wrapping with interactive visualization and performance metrics built-in plus integration with major Marketing Automation tools are quickly becoming must-haves versus eye candy. Customers and likely their bosses clearly said … OK I’ll do this but how do I know if it’s actually giving me a solid return on investment. The tech of companies like LookBookHQ, UberFlip, SnapApp are arming users with that information and looking cool doing it. ~ Mark Evertz, Director Demand Gen and Content Services

2. ABM is everywhere!

Account based marketing is hot. In one aspect, it’s always been around, but there are new technologies that are helping to enable and make the execution at scale. At Televerde, we’ve been doing account-based selling for years for our clients with our integrated teleservices and strategic engagement planning…but we’re revamping and repackaging the services for our clients to make our offering even more powerful.  ~ Ray Kemper, CMO

3. Digging Deeper

The marketers attending are asking the tough questions to the “experts”. Everyone is moving past the theoretical to let’s get this done! (Using my resources, timeframes and budgets – of course.) ~ Laura Crutcher, Marketing Manager

4. SEO and Content must have intent.

Lee Odden made some good points as we look to keep your SEO strategy aligned with your content strategy. Remember to employ a customer centric SEO strategy and Google isn’t paying the bills so create content for your customers. Overall, be the best answer for your buyers. Go deep on a narrow range of topics, and don’t try to be all things to all people. ~ Martina Ward, Client Success Manager

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5. Not Using Stock
Well, it is posed, but this is really the Televerde team. Thanks for a great event, and remember we are always here in sunny Scottsdale.  From Left to Right:  Justin Vogel (Strategic Accounts Director), Mark  Evertz (Director of Demand Generation), Ray Kemper (CMO), Martina Ward (Client Success Manager) and Brady Nelson(Strategic Accounts Director)
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