Formula for a Successful Inbound Lead Conversation

Recent research has shown the importance of pairing digital with human touch in marketing. The two work together to keep processes efficient, but still personalized for the customer. This powerful combination is what has led to a resurgence in telemarketing lead generation, which leverages technology while still building the trust necessary for conversion. But what would happen if that conversation didn’t go well? You would likely be left with an unhappy customer and unable to convert a lead into a sale.

The need for well-trained sales reps has never been greater, and is why many companies are turning to lead development and inside sales outsourcing. At Televerde, our team of highly qualified telemarketing agents work to generate high conversion rates for our clients. Want to know their secret to success? Check out our foolproof formula for great conversations that are bound to lead to conversions!

Initial Conditions: Focus on the Buyer
Traditionally B2B sales have been focused on the company. While this is still a crucial part of the equation, it is now more important than ever to focus on the buyer. Before beginning, it is vital to understand your buyer’s persona. A persona is comprised of many elements, but some of the most important to understand are the buyers’ goals, buying team, and purchasing process.

Understanding their goals will allow you to decide which of your products or services will be most beneficial to them. Knowing how their buying team operates will help you evaluate stakeholders and approval processes. Lastly, understanding their purchasing processes will allow you to align your nurturing to their buying cycle. Having this information beforehand will enable you to pair them with a sales rep who is equipped to meet their needs. However, without it, any conversation you have with them will most likely be futile.

Next, you need to have an understanding of the company. Find out how many employees they have, what their products are and who they are selling to. Not doing your research can make you seem unprepared and make your prospective client less likely to do business with you. According to Forrester, 77% of executive buyers claim salespeople don’t understand buyers’ problems or what they can do to help buyers. Knowing this information beforehand will not only impress your client, but allow you to design effective and custom solutions for them.

Add: Curiosity
According to a recent survey by SAP, 80% of B2B buyers said they find overly forced, vanilla sales approaches with no value or relevance extremely off-putting. How can you make sure you aren’t part of this statistic? The simple, yet often ignored, answer is to show genuine curiosity about them!

When conversing with a lead, your sales reps should ask them questions to uncover their needs and what they are not satisfied with. A sales rep should take the time to build the relationship, gain the client’s trust and then explain the relevant benefits your product or service will offer them. B2B buyers don’t want to feel like they’re being convinced to buy something they don’t need. Instead, they want to feel that they are in control of their decision, and that your product will solve a problem they have. Showing genuine interest and asking these questions will make your buyer more open to your suggestions, and most importantly, more likely to convert.

Subtract: A Script
Companies should develop a repeatable process that serves as a guideline for reps making sales calls. However, they should never be told to stick to a strict script. Each lead has individual concerns and reps need to be able to respond to these without hesitation. This requires in-depth knowledge of the product or service they are selling and awareness of a lead’s possible objections (and how to convince them otherwise).

In addition to being inflexible, scripts can come off as aggressive. There has long been a stigma around salespeople, and telemarketers specifically, of being too pushy. In a recent survey by SAP, it was found that 48% of B2B buyers find salespeople to be too aggressive. Losing the script and making it more conversational will keep the buyer at ease, while you build trust in a more natural way.

Accelerate: Response Time
As the Harvard Business Review reported, companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers compared to companies that try to contact prospects even an hour later (HubSpot). Why is this the case? We live in a digitized age where information is readily available to us at all times. This has caused sales to happen faster while our attention spans get shorter. Responding within an hour not only shows that your company can keep up with them, but places you at top-of-mind for your buyer.

Solve: Push Back
It’s not unusual for potential buyers to have concerns, it’s how your sales reps respond that matters. Reps should look at the situation from the buyers’ perspective when trying to find a solution and address their objections without being dismissive. Taking the time to analyze why buyers are questioning their purchase will give your reps the opportunity to genuinely present how your product can help.

Preparation in this stage is just as important as it was in the beginning! You should have several options ready to present to your buyers to assure them that you will fit their needs. In the end, a confident delivery and great conversation are likely to lead to a successful conversion.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating a successful lead conversation, and at the core of it all is a well-trained team of sales reps. Whether you are looking to build your sales team or use inside sales outsourcing, following these steps will set you up for success!

How does your company ensure success in telemarketing lead generation and inside sales conversations? Let us know by commenting on our LinkedIn page or tweeting us @televerde. For more information about inside sales outsourcing and other Televerde services, contact one of our experts.

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