Televerde Expands Demand Generation Solutions to Europe

Televerde Expands Demand Generation Solutions to Europe broadening its geographical coverage to 3 Continents

Global B2B commerce requires international coordination of sales and marketing activities.  Though the Internet is a global network, it doesn’t mean companies have an easy time connecting with prospects and customers across the planet.

Creating a global framework for managing digital and human interactions is critical to driving your international pipeline. Prospect connections should be local, relevant, and in the native language. The call center, for example, requires specific competencies for local languages, training, Quality Assurance (QA) and call review processes.

Integrated teleservices need to engage along the buyer journey to share personalized expertise with the buyer and distribute the relevant content at the best time to the right audience.  Ideally, you want to reach out and assist within an hour as opposed to days or weeks later. Opportunities aren’t just sales leads. They can be opportunities to consult, discover needs, do favors, and answer questions – things that occur frequently in long sales cycles.

New European Office for Televerde

Televerde is announcing our new capabilities to support integrated global demand generation activities.  We are opening a new office and teleservices center in Europe which will expand our footprint to meet our client’s global campaign needs to 3 continents: North America, South America and now Europe.

“Our European office will be staffed with 175 employees, including 131 multilingual call center agents,” said Televerde CEO James Hooker. “We have narrowed our location alternatives to a handful of communities with the intent to open in early 2016.”  The announcement of the European expansion comes on the heels of the spring 2015 opening of Televerde’s first Latin American office in Cordoba, Argentina, which offers call center services in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French. The European office will include additional language capabilities in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese as well as Eastern European and Nordic languages.

Small and large enterprises, like Microsoft, General Electric and Pulse Secure, use our demand generation & inside sales solutions to drive big improvements in sales efficiency and greatly enhanced lead conversion rates.

“For more than 20 years, Televerde has delivered pipeline strategies and insights, faster sales cycles, more prospects and a solid ROI for our clients,” said Ray Kemper, Chief Marketing Officer at Televerde. “We’re looking forward to providing this same level of expertise in the European market.”

Combining marketing technology, strategic engagement planning and highly-trained integrated teleservices is Televerde’s core competency.  “When you look at the data coming from these complex lead funnel reports,” explained Kemper, “sales conversions spike dramatically when you mix in a personal touch and move the sales process along by having detailed relevant conversations. People need personal contact, especially with longer sales cycles that include committee decision making.” 

Give us a call to learn more at  1 888-925-7526  and read our recent press release on our European expansion.

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