Top 7 Intriguing Sessions at JiveWorld 17

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Televerde is a new player in the Jive eco-sphere, and as Community Manager, it’s thrilling to explore an entirely new way of communicating and navigating the world of internal social content and collaboration.  It’s much like discovering the Internet in 2003; the seemingly infinite possibilities that are enabled by this new technology platform are both exciting and overwhelming.  This is why I’m eagerly anticipating JiveWorld17.  The opportunity to meet other community managers, Jivers, and partners means I’ll have a chance to bond with other newbies and learn from the veterans.  The variety of tracks and abundance of sessions can be a bit overwhelming, but here’s a list of the top 7 that I’m looking forward to.

>> note: the focus here is on internal communities using the Jive-n platform

  1. Bootcamp 101: For any Jive customer in their first year, Bootcamp 101 should be required. Although it costs a little extra and happens on the first day of JiveWorld, this is the session that I am most looking forward to. Not only can new community managers learn about what works and doesn’t work from those that have “been there and done that”, but they also get to collaborate with other newcomers.
  1. Connect, Enable, and Inspire | Our Journey with the Modern Intranet: Most marketers are suckers for a great case study session, myself included.  Any chance to learn from the path that others take, I listen.  This session with Commvault highlights their story about how they use Jive to connect sales employees to knowledge and resources for an improved sales and marketing alignment.
  1. No Desk? No Problem! Activate Your Remote Teams Utilizing Jive:   If you know Televerde, you know that we celebrate our purpose-driven business model.  While the work is fulfilling, the unique government audit and security requirements can be challenging.  With Jive-n, we’re addressing those challenges and cultivating our unique family culture in the process.  I look forward to learn how Bluegreen Vacations, Thoughtworks, and KIABI addressed their own remote worker challenges with Jive.
  1. Stealth Tactics for Driving Adoption: Any new community manager is anxious to get people using the platform – even more so when those people are fellow employees.  So, when other companies volunteer up their best practices and techniques for how they got their employees involved and use phrases like “stealth tactics”, my ears perk up.  This will be an interesting session with Euroclear SA, New York Life Insurance Company, Lloyds Banking Group, and Akamai Technologies sharing their internal community success secrets.
  1. From early days to a stable, highly engaged community: A customer panel: With no single way to go from launch to enterprise adoption, it’s great to hear how other organizations have navigated adoption success.  This session is sure to reveal some nuggets of wisdom as leaders from Thoughtworks, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Jive talk about the strategies, methods, and techniques each used as they grew their communities.
  1. Changing and improving the face of corporate communication: I don’t know a single company with 10+ employees that feels they don’t need to improve internal communications.  And most organizations invest in a top-down approach to communications, which can lead to silos of communication within business units. One way to address this is to migrate the communication flow from top-down to side-by-side, and encourage employees to communicate across business functions.  Check out this session to learn how to help employees become their own communicators.
  2. Jive(n and x) = Double the Impact of Your Organization with Both Internal and External Communities:  Do you know how to excite a community manager that also doubles as a marketing manager?  Talk about the opportunities, impact and overall success of a company that implements both Jive Internal and External communities.  Best practices from ADP, a company that uses both Jive platforms, demonstrate how to measure success, and ultimately, gain buy-in from executive management.  I can dream, can’t I?

Headed to Jive as well?  Be sure to say hi in person!   You’ll find me at the sessions above and in the Televerde booth where you can get your personalized caricature.


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