ABM Pilot Created $2.7M in Pipeline in Just 14 Weeks

Our client is a global market and technology leader in business software, but their account executives didn’t have the time to allocate to target and nurture key accounts. To increase the penetration into the retail sector, Televerde and our client piloted an account-based marketing (ABM) program. Read how they focused on three fundamental components of an account-based strategy that resulted in 103 net new accounts and nearly $3M in pipeline, including 12 target accounts, in a matter of weeks.

Strong ROI for Republic Services through Marketing Automation, Content & the Human Touch

Republic Services, a recycling and waste company, achieved huge success by executing a demand generation framework that tied together market and customer research, strategic planning, targeted content, data intelligence, marketing automation execution, and sales support.

SunPower Shows 31x ROI Tied to Marketing Automation and Content Spend

When SunPower asked why some of its hottest leads go dark, we helped put them back on the path to purchase. Read how the right mix of strategy and marketing automation delivered outstanding returns for this solar innovation and sustainability company.

Decade-long Partnership Exceeds Results YoY

A decade-long partnership and true collaborative approach resulted in $7B+ in pipeline and $800M+ in revenue for our client.