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What 15 Years In Prison Taught Me About Succeeding In Business


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Our methodology unifies marketing, sales, and customer care to deliver an end-to-end omnichannel experience that is scalable, repeatable, and predictable. We deliver pipeline, revenue as a service, lead generation as a service, and customer experience expertise with human connections, best-in-class technology, and an operating model that is resilient to and scalable with shifting market conditions.

Marketing, Sales & Customer Care Solutions

We use a modern, strategic approach and highly skilled customer success team, powered by a cutting-edge customer journey platform. We deliver a personalized digital experience with humans in the loop to enable seamless omnichannel messaging. This creates a superior end-to-end customer experience using call center outsourcing for appointment setting, demand generation, and order processing. In a time when customers have immediate needs and wants, delighting customers and growing their spend is as important as securing their business in the first place. Learn about our many success stories.


Use it Before You Lose It: Maximize Your MDF Value

Don’t Let Expiring MDF Dollars Turn Into Missed Opportunities

Televerde can help you to maximize your market development fund value so you can more easily achieve your goals. Grow pipeline, fill gaps and tackle challenges in your sales funnel, and boost revenue with our global resources and end-to-end sales and marketing services. Read more.


Second-Chance Employers

A purpose-built company, Televerde believes in second-chance employment and impact sourcing (socially responsible outsourcing) in order to help disempowered people reach their human potential. Eight of our 11 contact centers are staffed by incarcerated women, representing 70 percent of the company’s 600+ global workforce. The success of our model was documented in a 2019 study by the Arizona State University Seidman Research Institute. The results reveal that participants of Televerde’s program go on to attain employment, earnings, and education at higher rates and reoffend at significantly lower rates than other formerly incarcerated females in the United States.


Demand Generation Agency

Driving Revenue Growth & Customer Experience for Global Brands

We partner with the world’s leading B2B companies including SAP, GE, Adobe-Marketo and Securus Technologies. Since we began in 1995, we’ve generated more than $12B in revenue for our clients, while helping them build customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.