Your Guide to Customer Advocacy

A Guide to Customer Advocacy (Definition, Examples, and Tips)


Connect exceptional experiences with exceptional revenue growth through a modernized customer journey that unifies marketing, sales, and customer support.

Evolving from a 120-year-old sales funnel, Televerde adopts an “infinity loop” approach that unifies marketing, sales, and customer success to deliver an end-to-end omnichannel experience. Increase revenue while reducing organizational silos, resulting in transformational growth and happy, loyal customers.

Solutions for Every Stage in the Customer Journey

Televerde helps B2B companies optimize revenue growth across marketing, sales, and customer success channels.

Infinity Loop Solutions

Evolving to be Bolder, Better, More Connected

Are you ready to elevate your marketing and sales to drive more revenue? Say hello to modern pathways to growth.

Generating Revenue While Changing Lives

We’re committed to transforming lives by operating our business as a force for good. We provide life-changing opportunities to disempowered communities, enabling them to reclaim their independence and reenter the global workforce.

Look behind the prison walls and see the true human potential of those of us in here. You see me, I’m in orange. I am a felon. But I’m also confident, dedicated, empowered and encouraged. Would you hire me?

— Christin Swansinger, Business Development Rep

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Solving Market Challenges with Pitney Bowes

Jeff Winter, global vice president of Pitney Bowes, talks about the top challenges he faces as a marketing executive and how Televerde has taken a consultative approach to help him solve them.

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