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Televerde has been a trusted partner in outsourced B2B sales, marketing, and customer experience solutions for nearly three decades. We’ve empowered industry-leading companies across various sectors and regions, including numerous Fortune 500 firms, with consistent revenue growth and robust lead generation. Our resilient and scalable business model ensures steady pipeline velocity, even amidst shifting market conditions.

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Comprehensive B2B Marketing, Sales, and Customer Care Solutions

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Televerde offers global, high-quality call center outsourcing, powered by our dedicated customer success team. Our omnichannel approach ensures we connect with your customers across all messaging channels in their preferred language. From appointment setting and order processing to personalized customer support, we’re committed to enhancing your customer’s experience.

Explore our success stories to discover why clients trust our call center solutions.

Championing Second-Chance Employment

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Televerde strongly advocates for second-chance employment and impact sourcing, empowering incarcerated women to unlock their full potential. Our commitment is reflected in our workforce, with incarcerated women staffing eight of our 11 global contact centers, making up 70% of our 600+ employees.

A 2019 study by the ASU Seidman Research Institute highlights the success of our unique prison-to-workforce development program, showing higher rates of employment, earnings, and education for our participants compared to other formerly incarcerated females in the U.S.

Maximize Your MDF Value with Televerde

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Don’t let expiring Market Development Funds (MDF) become missed opportunities. Televerde can help you fully leverage your MDF to achieve your business objectives. Boost your pipeline, fill gaps in your sales funnel, and increase revenue with our global resources and comprehensive sales and marketing solutions. Learn more.

Partner with Televerde: Your Trusted B2B Outsourcing Solution for Revenue Growth & Enhanced CX

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We’re proud to collaborate with global leaders like SAP, Broadcom, and Securus Technologies. Since our inception in 1995, we’ve generated over $12B in revenue for our clients while fostering customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction—Trust Televerde to elevate your B2B success.