Leadership Team

  • Chris-McGugan-Televerde-CEO-headshot

    Chris McGugan


  • Vince-Barsolo

    Vince Barsolo

    Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

  • Michelle-Cirocco-thumb

    Michelle Cirocco

    Chief Social Responsibility Officer

  • alicia-rasta-300px

    Alicia Rasta

    Vice President and Head of Sales

  • Kellie-Walenciak-thumb

    Kellie Walenciak

    Global Head of Marketing and Communications

  • yolanda slan

    Yolanda Slan

    Head of Human Resources

“[Ronald Bell] was involved in a prison ministries program in the early 1990s here in Arizona and working with women. He found this population intelligent, interested in changing their lives and really interested in learning new things…they have the persistence and tenacity we’re looking for.”
-Vince Barsolo, SearchCRM interview

It’s important to me to make sure that people have strategic direction, are empowered, and have the tools they need to do their jobs. Beyond that, my responsibility should be to move obstacles out of people’s way and letting them do what they were hired to do.

[o]ur employees are truly knowledge workers, in fields like sales and technology. We offer more than just job opportunities. These are career opportunities. TechNewsWorld

[The Televerde incarcerated workforce is] creative and entrepreneurial, and they’re people who had a desire for upward mobility in their life but just didn’t have the opportunity. We need to tap into that talent and then provide them with the opportunities to achieve their potential. Salesforce

After almost 25 years of involvement with prisons and the criminal justice system, what I see and experience in the world today is what gives me hope. 2020 World-Changing Women in Conscious Business List

— Michelle Cirocco

“Flexible structure is key to setting your BDRs up for success and empowering them to make the best use of their time.”
-Alicia Rasta, Sales & Marketing Management

“Knowing that you are working for a company that isn’t focused solely on generating profit becomes a point of pride for our employees…Together, we have an opportunity to amplify the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved, while also showing the proven societal impact of a business model built on second chances.” IAOP OWS 2.0

“For a very long time, companies were almost entirely focused on profit and it showed. Today, we’re thankfully in a more conscientious time with companies now balancing profit, sustainability and purpose.” ChiefExecutive

— Kellie Walenciak

“Creating and enabling second chances is an integral part of any good diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy. True inclusion means including everyone. That includes people of different ethnic backgrounds, belief systems, identities, and those of us with disabilities. This also includes people who have a criminal record.”
-Yolanda Slan