Empower Your Customers with Unwavering Support

At Televerde, we understand the importance of consistent support in customer experience. Our outsourcing solutions for customer service, customer care, and customer support reduce costs, elevate KPIs, foster stronger relationships, and fuel business growth.

Maintaining a well-staffed contact center is crucial, especially during heightened demand and crises. Contact center turnover is a company’s primary staffing challenge, impacting morale and efficiency and incurring high costs.

With an average tenure of 4.5 years, our customer care experts seamlessly integrate with your teams, becoming genuine extensions of your brand and delivering exceptional service.

Unleashing the Televerde Difference in CX



Efficiently augment your inbound support teams with experts well-versed in your business, products, and solutions. Benefit from cost-effective solutions and rapid onboarding, ensuring a seamless customer experience with minimal downtime.


Facing uncertainty, count on our adaptable agents to collaborate with you in refining your customer success strategy. Stay ahead of market fluctuations and deliver exceptional customer experiences that remain resilient and responsive to changing demands.


Harness the expertise of our skilled and motivated customer service representatives across omnichannel call centers. They attentively listen and delight customers while providing valuable insights that enhance your understanding of your target audience.

Delivering Unmatched Customer Service Excellence at Scale


We provide contact center as a service that offers a customer care team equipped with competence, proactivity, empathy, and a genuine desire to help you achieve your customer service objectives. Our Televerde teams are meticulously designed to ensure scalable operations without compromising on quality or efficiency, enabling you to seamlessly handle high-volume inbound calls during peak and off-peak periods.

With our round-the-clock engagement, our dedicated customer experience specialists genuinely care about your brand and product, providing service that feels in-house rather than outsourced.

Seamless and Personalized Omnichannel Customer Support


We understand the importance of meeting your customers where they are. That’s why we offer seamless, contextual, and personalized customer support across all channels. Our approach ensures that support updates travel with your customers, resulting in enhanced support experiences, reduced customer effort scores, and improved first-call resolutions, regardless of how they interact with your business.

Meet With Our Customer Success Team Today to Discuss:

  • CX Assurance
  • 24/7 Staffing
  • Optimized Operations
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Enhanced Retention
  • Elevated CSAT

A Results-Driven Process for Your Success

Understand your unique business environment and needs, defining goals and desired outcomes.

Partner with your team to identify challenges, define success & develop an improvement plan.

Build your dream team of dedicated customer care experts through collaborative efforts.

Train your team to deliver the exceptional experiences expected by your customers.

Leverage data & insights to improve CSAT, advance KPIs, and achieve desired outcomes.

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Avoid the expenses and challenges of building an in-house team. Agent attrition, training, support, equipment, software, and real estate costs add up. High abandonment rates, missed opportunities, scaling difficulties, and customer loss also contribute to a steep TCO.

Let us handle training, onboarding, and management. Benefit from significant savings and ROI with our tenured team and customer-centric best practices. Curious about the potential savings? Inquire about our CX ROI calculator from our expert Televerde team