Championing Diversity: The Key to Innovation and Success

At Televerde, we’re built on second chances, firmly rooted in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We see diversity as a comprehensive concept, inviting all into an environment where each person and group feels welcomed, genuinely respected, valued, and encouraged to engage fully. This ethos fuels authentic human connections and sparks groundbreaking innovation – the foundation of our success.

In line with our commitment, we’re thrilled to present our latest whitepaper, “CMOs & Chief DE&I Officers: Joined at the Hip for a DE&I Revolution.” This document underscores the synergy between marketing and DE&I, highlighting how chief marketing officers, with their deep understanding of brand narratives and audience insights, are uniquely positioned to collaborate with DE&I leaders. By integrating DE&I as a pivotal marketing strategy, businesses can foster a more genuine, enduring, and influential commitment to inclusivity. We invite you to explore it and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of truly integrated DE&I strategies.

Equity & Collaboration

We embrace a culture of inclusivity and teamwork, recognizing that every voice and experience adds to the richness of our collective narrative. This space is dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging our diverse global family. Here, we highlight recognition months to honor our community’s varied backgrounds, cultures, identities, and experiences. These celebrations remind us of our commitment to fostering an environment where all individuals are welcomed, valued, and empowered with equal opportunities, support, and resources to thrive.

Our dedication to promoting equity ensures that every member of our organization and those beyond it can access the tools they need for success. Together, these principles of inclusivity and equity spark creativity, innovation, and problem-solving prowess, amplifying the unique perspectives each team member brings. Join us as we commemorate these particular months and deepen our understanding of the vibrant tapestry that makes up the Televerde family.


Fueling Success with Inclusion & Purpose

We partner with forward-thinking companies, turning disenfranchisement into empowerment. Our team, diverse in backgrounds and life experiences, powers our excellence. Here, your voice matters, fueling your personal growth and our collective success. We stand firm on Ban the Box and CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, cultivating a workplace where all voices are heard, and every conversation about diversity is welcomed.

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Experience the Televerde Effect: Our Virtual Roundtable

We invite you to enter the Televerde Virtual Roundtable — a space of inclusion and shared experiences. Here, you’ll hear the inspiring stories from one of the most marginalized talent communities globally as they share their journey towards transformative second chances. You’ll discover how opportunity, support, and a profound sense of belonging empower them to reshape their lives and thrive. Listen to their powerful narratives to understand how Televerde makes a difference each day.

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HBR Spotlights Televerde’s Empowered Culture of Inclusivity & Respect

Marquette University’s Kristie Rogers’ research on respect at Televerde uncovered a unique approach. The study involving 92 interviews and hours of observation found Televerde fostering both owed and earned respect. Employees are valued universally and individually acknowledged for their contributions, affirming incarcerated women’s potential for business success. Read more about it in the Harvard Business Review’s July-August 2018 issue: “Do Your Employees Feel Respected?” by Rogers.

HBR spotlights Teverde's empowered culture of Inclusivity and respect.

The American workforce often overlooks the incarcerated community. Yet, as highlighted by Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia Business School Paul Ingram, Televerde’s unique social inclusion strategy fosters care, trust, and courage to change. This approach empowers participants to realize their futures are intertwined with those around them. Discover more about this unheralded dimension of diversity in Harvard Business Review’s January-February 2021 issue: “The Forgotten Dimension of Diversity” by Ingram

Awards & Partnerships

In 2019, we pledged to hire 400 people from underserved communities through our work the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition. We have exceeded our goal by almost 100.


We are proud to be a member of United Nations Global Compact to support achieving the UN Sustainability Goals by 2030.


We are honored to have been named a 2020 Global Impact Sourcing Award (GISA) recipient and included among IAOP’s 2020 Impact Sourcing Champions Index.

We are a proud sponsor of #GirlsClub, an organization committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership.

Embracing diversity isn’t just a buzzword at Televerde; it’s our guiding principle for building a stronger future. As a Black woman leading our Human Resources department, I am proud to champion an inclusive culture that values and celebrates every individual’s unique perspective and talent. At Televerde, we understand that diversity fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and drives business success. Together, we are creating a workplace where everyone can thrive, regardless of background or circumstance. Join us on this remarkable journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion as we reshape the business world, one opportunity at a time.”

— Yolanda Slan, Head of Human Resources at Televerde

Shaping an inclusive world and leveraging diversity.

Championing Diversity: Good Ethics, Great Business

Shaping a more inclusive world rests on our shoulders – from nurturing our children to defining work ethics, and even in marketing. As marketers, we’re architects of perception. Our approach signifies our worldview and the experiences we wish to curate for others. Leveraging diversity isn’t just a moral choice, it’s a strategic one – see four ways inclusion intersects with profitability.