We believe diversity and inclusion fuels human connection, innovation and success

As a company built on second chance hiring, diversity for us includes all and we foster an environment in which every individual and group feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion Council ensures we have a clear strategy, leadership and measurable goals to:

  • Uncover and remove biases
  • Provide ongoing education, opportunities, and a culture that enables all to feel a sense of belonging
  • Drive accountability that we are all — regardless of level, role or function — responsible for our culture of respect and inclusion
  • Ensure diverse, fair and equitable recruitment, hiring, development and retention
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    We Thrive with Purpose

    We increasingly do business with purpose-driven companies that believe in our unique business model and embrace disempowered communities. We pursue candidates of diverse backgrounds – regardless of background or circumstance — hear and value them so they can fulfill their human potential and help us deliver our best work yet. We are committed to Ban The Box and the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ by welcoming employees of all backgrounds and cultivating a workplace where employees can discuss diversity and inclusion.

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    Hear a Story of a Televerde Employee

    In this video, Kirsi, one of the first Sales Development Representatives hired for the Televerde Europe headquarters in Glasgow, shares her journey with Televerde — from her enjoyment of working with diverse colleagues and customers to the support of the Televerde management team for her developmental disability.

    Televerde’s Culture of Respect & Inclusion Featured in HBR

    Kristie Rogers (Assistant Professor of Management at Marquette University) conducted 92 interviews and 185 hours of observation in Televerde’s call centers covering owed respect and earned respect. Owed respect is given equally to all members of a work group or organization, whereas earned respect “recognizes individual employees who display valued qualities or behaviors.” Rogers found that Televerde fosters a culture of both owed respect and earned respect by communicating that incarcerated women “are valued and deserve the chance to be successful members of the business world.” She points out that Televerde’s employees’ need for respect is universal and the company has successfully harnessed a culture of valuing individuals for their distinct contributions and strengths.

    Do Your Employees Feel Respected? from Harvard Business Review’s July-August 2018 issue by Kristie Rogers

    Unfortunately, the incarcerated community is not often championed in the American workforce. Paul Ingram (Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia Business School) writes about Televerde’s social inclusion strategy that promotes “caring for people, trust, and courage to change” that allows participants to understand that their outcomes are dependent on those around them.

    The Forgotten Dimension of Diversity from Harvard Business Review’s January-February 2021 issue by Paul Ingram


    Awards & Partnerships

    In 2019, we pledged to hire 400 people from underserved communities through our work the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition. We have exceeded our goal by almost 100.


    We are proud to be a member of United Nations Global Compact to support achieving the UN Sustainability Goals by 2030.


    We are honored to have been named a 2020 Global Impact Sourcing Award (GISA) recipient and included among IAOP’s 2020 Impact Sourcing Champions Index.

    We are a proud sponsor of #GirlsClub, an organization committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership.

    What sets Televerde apart from many organizations is that inclusion truly means all. We believe that diverse perspectives from all walks of life, regardless of background or circumstance, generate diverse ideas and help our company outthink the competition. We also believe that businesses have both a moral and business responsibility to help improve economic opportunity for all. For us, this means ensuring that everyone has a chance to fulfill their human potential and achieve growth and prosperity in our global economy. This commitment to inclusion is at the core of who we are and guides every action, interaction, reaction and transaction we have collectively and individually.

    — Vince Barsolo, Televerde Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

    Doing the Right Thing is the Right Thing for Business

    It’s up to all of us to build a more diverse and inclusive world, from the way we teach our children to how we work — and even how we market. After all, marketers are image builders and communicators. The way you market says something about how you see the world, and how you want others to experience it. Diversity can even improve your revenue. Click on image for full size.